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Foriegn Workers....

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Most Australians and New Zealanders That I know have come over on the One year working visa scheme. You need to be under 30 to qualify. I believe it's now a 2 year visa.

Ok you guys can get the same working visa to come and visit Australia. Same rules it goes both ways.


The only problem over here is the industry is very small compared with yours but come over and give it a go.


Most pilots who go your way have atleast 1000hours and seem to get jobs in Canada pretty easily, i've heard of a few with less than that but they would be a minority.


The new low time pilots who are complaining, lots of mining companies want the pilot to have more than 1500 TT with a specific amount of time on type about 200 is normal over here. So the Aussies are not stealing your jobs they are filling vacancies you are not qualified for.


I spent 3 years in a remote area building up flight time before I got a job back in a rural area. This is what is required in Australia, I bet it's the same in Canada.

Good luck to all of you and remember you must be prepared to jump in your car and go to where the work is. Go there and wait for a vacancy. Target companies with R44, forget about 205's until you have a bit of time under your belt.


Well I hope this makes sense



PS I have never worked in Canada.

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The only thing forcing companies to fly low time pilots is the shortage of experienced ones. Customers demand experience, so companies do their best to give it to them, and earn their business. When nobody has enough experienced pilots then the customers have no choice but to take low time pilots in positions they can safely be used. If you constantly fill the void with pilots from other countries there is no pressure to fly new pilots.


The past 5 years have had the most opportunities for low time pilots I've seen in my life. But that was just becuase the industry was booming like crazy at the same time as so many people were retiring. I think low timers are in for tough times again like the way things used to be as it slows down to normal now.

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Not sure of the details, but a quick Google search revealed that Vortex Contracting has been busy in the FortMac construction scene for a while... Vortex Helicopters in FortMac seems to be part of Vortex Contracting...



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Apprentice Engineer

Vortex Helicopters Inc. is accepting resumes for an Apprentice Engineer to work out of our new 8000sq’ facility in Fort McMurray Alberta on As350 Helicopters. Interested candidates please submit your resume and cover letter to: C.A McAssey, General Manager Vortex Helicopters Inc. Box 15, Site 2, RR#1 Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5B5 Fax: 780-715-2470 No phone calls please.

Contact: C.A McAssey GM



Fax: 780-715-2470



Fort McMurray, AB


Date Ad placed: 11/04/2008



Straigh from aeroads.


Think its ex - canadian fort mac base guys

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After one is part of aviation for a large number of years, one gains not only flying experience and hours, but an awareness and realization of a host of other factors because they've borne witness to both. Pre-eminent amongst them is the ugly fact that the industry is not contolled by those who operate and/or are employed by it. The rules by which we all operate are managed and arranged by lawyers and insurance companies from around the world. They will dictate (and have) to the likes of very powerful corporations that they will no longer put all of their top management on one a/c and even those that do travel by air will never do so in a single engined a/c for ANY reason. The days of doing otherwise disappeared after a horrendous event that took place in 1964 and the insurance companies and a host of lawyers made those rules......not the FAA, flying schools, MoT or somebody's Ops Manager or some company's owner. There may well be a dirth of pilots on any occasion, but one has to understand that the insurance companies who insure everything in this industry and the lawyers who represent them 'don't give a crap' about how much the industry whines and moans or who can't meet their mortgage payments because they are unemployed. They will tell you that you will pay a certain amount for PL & PD, a certain amount for Hull Insurance and at least $1,000,000 PER a/c passenger seat insurance or you can go shop for your insurance elsewhere.

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