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Opportunity Notice

Helicopter - lease medium and intermediateOpportunity InformationOrganization: Forestry

Reference Number: AB-2008-03730

Solicitation Number: 09AFD250

Solicitation Type: Request for Bid

Posting (mm/dd/yyyy): 10/07/2008

03:24:29 PM Alberta Time

Closing (mm/dd/yyyy): 10/21/2008

01:30:00 PM Alberta Time

Last Update (mm/dd/yyyy): 10/22/2008

11:14:02 AM Alberta Time


Awarded Vendors (Bidders):

Award Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Legal Name Amount Comment

Bighorn Helicopters Inc. $1,429.00 Blairmore - AS350B2

Gemini Helicopters $1,425.00 Peace River - AS350FX2

Gemini Helicopters $1,400.00 Peace River - AS350B2

Guardian Helicopters Inc $1,094.00 Grande Cache - AS350B3

Ridge Rotors Inc. $1,259.00 Whitecourt - AS350B2

Whitney Helicopters Limited $1,090.00 High Prairie - AS350B2



APC "Opportunity Notices" This notice is provided for information purposes only. Refer to the "Opportunity Documents" in the bid package for authoritative information.

All queries pertaining to the language, content or any missing or inaccurate information within this abstract must be sent to its originator of the abstract, as specified in the opportunity notice.

© APC - All rights reserved. No part of the information contained in this Web Site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Manager, Centre of Expertise via: SA.APCRequests@gov.ab.ca. Her Majesty the Queen in right of Alberta and the Alberta public sector entities that use APC are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of the information contained in the publication. It is the responsibility of interested parties to review the opportunity posting for changes or updates prior to the opportunity closing date/time.

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Good on Bighorn and Gemini (unless those prices are "dry").......no comment on the rest. What a joke. These guys are just plain old bad for the industry IMO. $1094.00 for a B3? Laughable. What's a BA worth? $750? Wet? Less?


I guess when it's your helicopters not flying you'll do anything to make a buck....understandable but sad.

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This is a sign of the times for our industy!

When the pack is hungry they will eat anything to survive, and the alberta contracts just fed guardian poison.

I am sure Alberta will be wondering why they pay 1900 for the B3 in the summer and will have a tough time justifying any rate increases for next season!!!

Hold the rates boys! We are starting down a slippery slope! :shock:

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