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Cheap A/c For Hire


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WoW! Well its not 999.95 but not much better. I guess we know now who is really hurtin. That rate with insurance costs, crew costs, etc.ect. There is very little left, and its only 150hrs in 3 months. Skimpy. :down: How do you pay an experience pilot and engineers????? :shock:


Probably breaking even just.



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For the record that company from NWT has a huge satellite base in Calgary which on it's own employs more people than most small heli. operators in Alberta. How does that not qualify them to chase work in that province?

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Easy Bizzo, you're on days off. Don't get all worked up.


Its a bit of a relief the second round wasn't as bad as the first one. Nobody can be making much money off these contracts but at least they can keep their crews employed at those rates.


What the **** do you mean out of province and non local. It looks like Highland will be working off there own BASE.

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