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Best Color Lenses For Heliskiing?

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Flew in the barrens lots in the winter...don't ever go without the blue varneys...unbelieveably great in flat light...was over hudson bay in march...following shoreline...which you could just make out...overcast and snowing..did I also say it was -35...saying to myself...what the $@#& am I doing this $%#@ for...just for fun I took off the sunglasses for a second...well that was all I needed to see...without those glasses I wouldn't be writing this...was glad to get to eskimo point...a warm bed...and a cold drink....oh did I forget to mention that the customers wanted to head out as soon as I got there...heading inland from skimo point..you have about 20 miles of bolder fields before you will find a tree...suicide at best...we went the next day with the sun shining bright and -43 out :shock:

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I'm actually surprised to read that so many ski pilots are using amber lenses. A lot of our senior ski drivers have warned against them. The problem being that they work so well you may find yourself somewhere you don't want to be. Might be an idea to remove them from time to time if the Wx is deteriorating.


Interesting note on the polarized lenses. Anyone know which machines have polarized glass on the gauges?



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From my weak memory I believe that Becker VHF radios have polarised glass, and I recall some other instruments too, but I forget who makes them.

I just remember not to get polarised lenses.


Also, if your amber lens is so good that it is getting you deep into tough flying conditions,

I suggest you attend a Pilot Decision Making seminar really soon !!


The lenses aren't that good, and neither are you.


Gxd dxmmit guys, it's only some dudes going skiing, please back-off a little.



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Dual visor set up works good - a dark one and a yellow one works for me....but the yellow visor comes with a couple of rules....#1 Only use it to get out of a place...never into a run. #2 Never use the yellow visor to get into a run, only out.


As the weather deteriorates, the light colour visor will provides great definition up to a point, and then .....it's gone and the temptation is to lift the visor, at which point you will immediately fill your shorts...


Be careful ...if you have to use the yellow visor to make it work, you probably shouldn't be there. If you are are checking what's really going on by lifting the visor once in a while....then you are using the tool correctly



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