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A Question For The 205 Guru's Out There

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Hey guys


I have 2 questions for you out there.


1) I was scanning throught the flight manual supplement for the installation of a 212 head and T5317B engine. In our flight manual there were 2 supp for this install. one being heli-conversions stc SH5976NM and the other being heli-trades stc SH5977NM. both stc's refer to stc SH5132NM ( install of 212 head) and stc SH2394NM ( install of a T5317B). The only diiference I can see between the Heli conversions and the Heli trades is that the heli-trade only allows 9 pax in back. Why would any one choose to install the heli-trade stc? and why the difference between them?


2) What have you guys noticed with the power check charts for the T5317B. I just did 2 pwr checks one being at 30psi and the other being at 40 psi. the 30psi engine plotted out at 0 and the 40 psi plotted out about +8. do you find that you get better number at a hight torque setting? What kind of numbers are you guys getting? and is this pwr check chart very accurate? I know with the T5313 all the bell charts in the FM 1&2 they don't recommend using as they can fail a good engines regulary. Is this chart the same?


This is my first tour with a T5317B, and just trying to figure things out.


Thanks guys



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Okay......here's my guess at an answer to the first question.


Heli-trades and Heli-conversions are basically the same major-maintenance/rebuild company, based in Oregon.

Trivia.....for a while they also had Heli-Jet, an operator (nothing to do with the Vancouver-Victoria service). That company was eventually absorbed into Kachina, which is the US division of Alpine from Kelowna.


I suspect the difference between the STCs is that one is for the US and one is for Canada.

If a helicopter is only approved to fly with 9 passengers in the US, the FAA allows a completely different maintenance programme. If you want to fly in the US with more than 9 pax with any helicopter, you have to jump through a lot more hoops.


Also, check the max gross weights in each STC.......some later STCs were able to bump-up the limit by a few hundred pounds.


I hope this helps.


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If I remember right they bother were certified in seatle, so I think that would make them both FAA. Both, were 10,500 external and one was 10,200 interenal but I can't remember what the other one was.





Hmm I know there are some difference between the STC's. There was some issues a few years back with some of the 205's that had a Canadian STC instead of the Helitrade one.


More than 9 passengers in the US requires 2 pilots and two complete pilot stations. That may have something to do with it. I know you can get a left hand PIC STC through Helitrade, and maybe you can not do that with the other one.. Just a though.



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For Power checks on both A's & B's I have personally found that the numbers are close at most settings. I usually take the numbers down at 2 or 3 dif setting and compare.


I thought the reason for the 9 pass limit was single engine. Usually with STC's the Aircraft is grandfathered under the old regs unless the FAA or TC decide that the aircraft has been modified to the extent that its not really the same aircraft (like the eagle single). I haven't seen or read the heli-trades conversion but why anyone would choose it and limit their aircraft is beyond me. I remember there was some confusion about which parts you could use to do the mod (Like steel or stainless yokes) when it came out. When I was doing alot of these mods in the early 90's there was also a real shortage of parts too. So If helitrades had the parts and heliconversions didn't that could be a deciding factor.

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