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Even though I no longer am involved in flight training or any other commercial operation in Canada I feel I must comment on the latest Vortex article regarding the Air Ambulance accident.


Sometimes Vortex hits right smack center when it comes to culling through accident reports to find examples from which all pilots should learn.


In this case I would suggest getting a highliter and mark each signifigant potential weak link in the chain that led to this accident. ( there were many. )


All the gobbldy gook apple pie and mother hood type lectures pale in comparison to real life screw ups like the one in this report, the chain of events that led to this accident were in hindsite very easy to follow.


I personally cannot imagine any potentially weak crew being allowed to get this far without being identified as a high risk to be flying together. I am only giving my opinion from reading the history of their performance and CRM as described in this report.


To be specific CRM in far more than class room feel good lectures and repetative reinstating of flight privileges after quick retraining and re rides.


CRM must be exactly that.. a crew that can and does work together following proper SOP's and proceerures relating to monitering what in **** is actually going on and understanding who is supposed to be flying the thing.


We all sometimes make poor decisions, however two people flying together should identify and rectify mistakes before the machine flys you into eternity.


I would like to think that I would have never ever allowed this senario to have evolved in any operation that I were chief pilot for. In fact I can guarantee you I would not have.


Anyhow CTD, good choice I hope everyone learns from it.. you and I may be worlds apart in our positions in Aviation but I commend you on your job performance.


The industry needs more like you working "with" them... :up:


And may I suggest you get a picture to put in Vortex that makes you look happier. :up:


Rev. Chas W.

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For ch..st sake don't use the picture from the fruit lake thread.


I'm starting to get my life back together, maybe some day we all meet at some get together...If you are ever in Vancouver give me a call.


Anyhow I still have exactly the same concern for all the people out there in the trenches as I ever did and will occasionally give my thoughts on subjscts that I feel my background allows me to comment on.


I would still like to buy another Harley some day...


Oh, by the way I think I have found suitable engines for my Cri Cri, now there is a real pilots machine. As soon as I get those fu..in Cessnas sold I will be able to buy the engines......



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