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Stealthray....the B3 is just a bit underpowered in comparison. Must be all the options outweighing the leaky bags that were on the Enstrom!! :D Fuel burn is about the same. Only thing now is I can actually let go of the controls to eat. :up:


That reminds me, ####....the machine should be delivered to your shop today. When they install the entertainment system make sure the flat screen can swivel towards the pilot seat as well as tilt. There's room in the collective box for the popcorn maker if the SAT phone is moved. It's important that it's all within pilot reach!! :D


By the way Stealthray, do that fishplant crowd still have that green Jetbox?? B)

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unsure about your statement,but i can contact white hills HQ and get an L.D. test for verficiation on monday. If you can fit into your schedule. :D:D

I think he has me mixed-up with the person that might works for Captain Highliner or Greenpeace. Maybe he Had help from his new AME :D



I have flown a green Bell 47, Enstrom. Ec130, and L4, but no green Jet Box. If you are talking about MR Q, they sold their Green JEt Box to a firm in Montreal, i think. They now have an 206 LR.

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Hey there Stealth...yup, that's who I was talking about. I thought you went with them when you left Bay Desperate. Guess it was the other crowd.


I'll tell me new AME you said hi!! :D Try to have some good weather there in August will ya, got a camping trip planned at Catamaran. B) Have to find my virginity that I lost there back in 1975!! :unsure:

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Yes sir, and the one that puts butter in part way through filling the bag!!! You the man. :up: I'll check in with ya next weekend. Signing off now until then, off to YOW for a week with Hightower. See if we can learn a ting or two. :blink:


CTD - warm up the Q for Wed night. We'll be hungry after a long day of sitting in a classroom!! :wacko:

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