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Good Old Boys Club

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CD :


I ain't accepting a group hug unless the huggers have ti.s on them.


In todays world I would be real nervous letting guys hug me.


CTD did a real bang up job with his choice of f.ck up stories in the last Vortex.


You should get together with me and I will give you one just as good for the stiff wing creatures.


I still have the pictures somewhere.


I really would like to get my fu.k up in the Aviation Safety letter just to remind everyone that even a very high time crew can collectively really miss the ball when you compromise to get the job done.


And I do not wish to be anynomous because I never ever though that I could be so stupid....


I want the troops to get it in their skulls that anyone no matter how many years you have been flying is at risk when you let down your normal behaviour barriers to get it done.


Chas W. ( Reverend. )

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Been away from a computer the past few days. Getting hammered by the snowstorm today, never saw a snowplow stuck on my road before... Thought about heading out with the shovel, but have a fresh bottle of duty free Cuban rum that looks more appealing. About a four foot snowdrift covering my mailbox.


Talking about old boy's club makes me wonder where a few have gone. There are a lot of "fresh" name on this forum that don't seem to understand what it's all about. The so called old boys on the list have been collectively banging away on these keyboards for at least four or five years thanks to Kyle and his original Canadianaviation site. I have seen a downward trend in the replies and the content, hopefully that hasn't made folks choose to head over to other forums as a result. This is a great site, let's do our best to keep it that way.


Looking for my old buddy Bladestrike. Maybe he's too busy studying those S92 manuals.






Remember, with this whole Internet thing, believe half of what you see and none of what you read. Credibility goes out the window when someone is draped behind a pseudonym.

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Listen EMs,

I would like to make up. You can have my first born. He is a young commercial pilot and comes with a rather large student loan, but if it will make the abuse stop it is worth it. ;)

The point I was trying to make and failing, was that this is the most lively forum on this website and you people have way more fun on here than our starchy BCAS website.

enjoying a sunny and warm day in the Okanagan.

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Getting hammered by the snowstorm today, never saw a snowplow stuck on my road before... Thought about heading out with the shovel, but have a fresh bottle of duty free Cuban rum that looks more appealing. About a four foot snowdrift covering my mailbox.


Some storm huh? :blink: Just finished shovelling 2 feet of snow....couldn't find my truck or the wife's car :shock:


Man...this is crazy! Drifting everywhere, white out, declared state of emergency <_< Did my 13 year old ever look at me funny when I took the PS2 control from his hand and replaced it with a shovel :blink::stupid: :shock: LMAO!!!


RH, have a drink of rum for me will ya!


Feel bad for the Newfs when this crap blows over there...they always get it twice as bad!

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Never fails to amaze me that people get thier knickers in a knot or get upset when folks tease one another or get into a healthy discussion on this forum.. seriously... So a few of us know one another.. and occasionally have fun at one anothers expense.. It's usually all done with no malice intentded.. and just a good ribbibng.. or in CTD's case.. good ribs (oops did i digress?) :unsure:

I've been a member of the various forums that this one is a child of... I consider myself lucky as I have....

learned a wealth of information

recieved a tonne of advice..

made great friends, even shared a few beers and tears over the years..

even gotten in to a few healthy debates of my own


yes a few people get a bit out of hand and sometimes they go off topic.. but thats half the fun.. I mean really what do you expect?? We come here to have a bit of fun, let our hair down... ( those of us who still have it that is.... ;) ) catch up on old friends,and if we're lucky we make a few new ones.. If you don't like it or it bothers you to the point you have to whinge, whine and complain, Why do you keep coming back for more?? It's rather sad that you have to make personal attacks and wisecracks about who makes the most posts and what not. I mean really?? Get a life..


AS for the Storm WOW what a doozy for here ?? hasn't let up all day.. and is still going strong just hope the power stays on :wacko:

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