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New Helmet!

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Go with the Gallet, had a gentex before and by far the Gallet is IMHO the way to go. It's light and compact. Check out Merit Apparel. He will spend the time and ask you about the type of flying you do and won't sell you crap you don't need. And as 407 driver said go with the Zeta Liner and in line volume control.





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Guest plumber
Gallets are good in the summer, terrible in the winter. They freeze and stiffen up fast once that thermometer dips below zero. Also have cracks in mine and have seen others with the same thing.


There are numerous helmet threads here, do some homework.


Just found that out the hard way. Don't leave it in a cold machine my new one just tried too kill me the other day. Nice looking helmet ( even on my ugly head ) and light.




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I still swear by my old SPH4, sure ya got to scrape some of the grunge out and wash the liner 5 times a year but it still works, 20 years and counting. I figure I get it bronzed like a old running shoe when I retire. FYI MH i heard if ya wear a french helmet... well never mind. :shock:


Relax?? Who in the name of the holy father gets to do that.Wish I had kept my pecker in my pants a little more :blink: Must be nice :( Good on ya! :up:

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Can't beat the Gentex stuff, I've rebuilt and upgraded all of mine, worth their weight in gold. I remember the dubious times when the companies DID NOT want you wearing them, said they scared the customers. God I'm so glad that idiot mentality is gone. I don't notice the slight extra weight, you can bounce them around with impunity it seems. I would love to see one of the new ones after a long year. There is no difference in the harness, just switch out the mikes and speakers if need be from and old headset. I asked the Gentex guys once what the difference between a mil and civy helmet was. None. Last 50 on the line get painted white as oppposed to green. I am alive today because of my SPH4. Think it's in the Vancouver office at Transport.

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