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Squirrel - Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

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it's a very sobering report to read... one cannot even begin to imagine the helplessness that must have been felt... :(


as with any accident report, if improvements have been made and it makes another person aware of what to watch for, etc.. then perhaps the deaths were not in total vain... although it's hard to take much comfort in that thought..

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As a sidenote, many years ago I was doing some OJT with a newly checked-out pilot and he had the grand total of about 8-9hrs on the 205. We were sling one of those small ATTCO modules to a point about 70 miles south of Chibougamou, PQ. There was about a 1,200' stratus ceiling and we were tucked-in pretty tight to it because of the load and the up-coming hilly terrain. All of a sudden, a slight twitch and the bottom falls out of the N2 and we have a Christmas tree on th panel. This young, "greener than yesterday's grass" pilot-on-type, had the load pickled, collective dumped and was already trying to make an air-start before I could say "sh*t". I grabbed her and we put her down in a field okay....no damage. I was pretty impressed that someone that "green" on type could move that fast, do it all right and by-the-numbers yet. That pilot's name......Mike McQuire........the pilot of that MNR Astar that crashed and also their CP. He was no slouch behind the stick and the event must have been catastophic to have him go-in like that. God willing, the same thing won't claim another life yet.

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Nobody blames another in here, these stories and reports teach us all lessons, young or old. Something happened that day, maybe something we will never know. Science can only tell aftermath, of what may of happened. Lets hope we need not read many more of these tragic events of this above incident. I only hope this report will close a long peroid of sorrow and grieving for the families involved.

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