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Flying In Australia

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Well heli , banktowns not to bad as I keep an eye on the canadian weather. I do believe its only going to get up to 41 degrees today. The best temp i've seen so far is 48 in a place north of adelaide called meldura or something like that.

I am wondering though is how much wine I can legaly bring back from overseas trips. I'll have to admitt the wine is incredible down here.

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412 Driver

I am sitting here and if I could get on with Transwest next year down there I would even fly as a cojoe. I really miss that place and there is no snow there, it was really hard to leave when I knew the temp here was -27 and in Kelowna that is cold. E-mail me when you find time amigo. Fly Safe. :D

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picapart, no worries. :D I know how hard it is to tear oneself away from the beaches in Oz. :up: Or the pubs. Good thing for mins, just think, you've gotten a paid vaction in Oz during our winter. Gotta love this biz. :up: If all else fails, I hope to be back for a holiday later this year, so I'll go and see if I can't get a couple of minutes with J.Mac.


412, no work down there when I was there. Had everything set up, then some bast@rd went and won the super7 last week. :angry: :down: Mum in law is here right now, and she says the temps when she left were quite rude. 30 something with 85% humidity in Brissie, expecting 40's (not as bad as down south, but hot enough) this weekend. Right now it's a beautiful 7C here, and I've got the windows open. :up:



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bright and sunny in yxx.......13C............. :up:


day off so it's time to lime the sign says.................... :(


should be putting a permit on the bike and going for a ride :up:


naaaaaaahhhh...still a little too cold :shock:



nice pic there 204bdriver....... :D :up:

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