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Vertical At Heli-expo

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For all those attending Heli-Expo come by and say hello to Mrs. Vertical and I at booth 235.


We'll be giving away our Heli-Expo/HAC issue (our biggest yet!) and a free ballcap - no not the farmer ballcap, but the nice sport ballcaps! :up:


And, CTD....since you're soooo special, you get a free ballcap, and a free kiss.... from Mrs. Vertical. :unsure:


Looking forward to meeting you all there!






PS... CTD, you owe me $10! :shock:

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Mr. Vertical Mag.....


Be VERY VERY careful :o


Dont take your eyes off of him! :P


Cheers & have fun.





PS.....How can one acquire a ballcap if one cannot make it to Sin City? Kinda ironic huh, hopefully none of the others like, Mrs Rosco, Ladyranger, DQ, and the rest of em dont show up cause he might be too busy to hook up with the rest of the gang let alone get a new ball cap :P

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407D, you're OK, I never did beleive what all the others said about you anyways ;)


Maybe CTD could posts some pics of this new adventure......Kinda like the "Expanded Fruit Lake Gang goes South" or something. :D


CTD, you bringin' SWMBO?


Cheers Dude,



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