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The Scoop With Heli-jet

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Who know's any info on their hiring trends.


A young lady who finished here at CHC not too long ago just got hired on the ramp. But I was told by them, that their hiring mins on the sched runs is 1000hrs. :unsure: I've heard lots of stories of guys and gals going left seat as their first job.


Anyone with any insight or experience? :blink:

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when i worked there a few years back you would start on the ramp then move into "flight ops" then to the R22 to build up some PIC time............


remember, before you get in the f/o seat of the 76 you need your ifr and night vfr ratings...........


that being said, i heard they lost the contract that they had for the R22 so that door may be closing. any heli-jetters around that can add to this???


i remember once they desperately needed a new co-joe and pulled a kid right off the ramp into the f/o seat but he was ready with ifr and night ratings in hand....

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... have my fixed wing group 1 IFR and night rating......hoping to get them converted to heli before I leave here....


If you convert your F/W night rating within your ab initio R/W course, it will be much cheaper. I did that and only required one hour of dual and one hour PIC, but that was before the CARS. Check with the school. If you do the training after your licencing paperwork is complete, you might be required to do up to fifteen hours. Five dual, five solo, and five IFR were the old requirements. Check it out, you might save a bit of cash in the long term.


Best of luck,



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