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Great Story's ?


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Sometimes i wonder, and even right now when the winter sets in. It's Time to bring up a more fun, learning and joyfully topic. What's about the story's what happened when .... I mean the things everybody likes to hear because all what it is, is passing on those things that may can go wrong and did not because of ...bla bla bla bla ...


Where are those Story's ? Anyone ?


I think in these days, instead of letting our minds circle around what happens next .... and it doesn't look to rosy, why not start learning from each other..... It shows in all PDM lectures that a lot of stress isn't the thing to go flying with or pull wrenches.



So all of you ... What happened ... why did it happen and what's your advise to prevent it ...


good tips are welcome, i believe to everyone........... and (live saving.)


And Please all those silent background members i think you guys have the best once to tell..


So Please Fire away.



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Heard a partial story about a guy from another guy who dumped a whole bucket load of sewage on the competition over some kind of dispute. Just wondering if anybody has the full story cause I almost pissed myself when I heard it. Anybody got the low down. Hilarious!!


Gutsy! :up:

Great Guy , caught someone sleeping in his bed. had the need to try out the bambi bucket!

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Thanksa lot for those story's and keep em coming.


I got an other, not a crazy one, just something i thought when i heard it, that was a good move.


So also he flw along, on the summer over the woods an hour away from the town and had his passanger riding alsong, then this imature young gentleman started to knok on his helmet knok knok knok, he was a bit disturbed and ask, what was that for? and looked back at him, the kid just smiling and looking out the window, a couple minutes later knok knok knok.... he said please don't do that again, i don't like it and if is very disturbing..... an other few moments went by and then again knok knok knok. ??? Why .... so he piked up the phone and phoned his Father he knew, and asked him if that would be allrigth with him to teach this kid a lession.... with the fathers approval, he sat down in the woods about 20 miles out of town in the afternoon and kiked the kid out, and tolled him witch way the town was and that he has to walk now......


the kid got hungry on the third day in the morning and showed up on his fathers house...


The father later to the pilot...... it cured him ..... so the kid is not so problematic any more....


I was laughing and thougth that takes balls .....






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