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Oh Really!

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Not that I need a job, have one. Remember a while back how that discussion came out about how companies manipulate the requirements so work permits can be issued. I can't say for sure dat dis is da case but she look suspicious. :blink:


Title: Helicopter pilot for Niagara Helicopters Limited (NHL)

Main duties: NHL Pilots perform some or all of the following duties:


Fly our fleet of five (5) BH407 helicopters to transport passengers for sightseeing around the Niagara Falls.

NHL provides services such as Heli Golf, Heli Fishing or Wine & Dine Heli Tours

Employment requirements (NHL minimum Pilot requirements)


Completion of secondary school and graduation from a certified flying or aviation school are required. :blink: Multi-language skills (i.e. French, German, Spanish, Mandarin,…) are beneficial and essential to NHL given the international scope of our customers.

A Canadian commercial pilot's licence (CPL- Helicopter).

Preferences will be given to applicants with additional licences (Ground & Flight Instructor experience) or endorsement to fly the BH407 aircraft.

Flight experience shall include the following:

Total PIC; 600-1000hrs.

Mandatory Turbine experience: 400-500hrs.

A university degree or college diploma may be required.

Structured training is provided by NHL.



Ok I get the the requirement for languages cause of the client base, but what the helll do you need a university degree for to fly around in a little circle all day?? :lol: Must be for fish spotting or something?


Ohhhhh, better get ready for that structured training? :rolleyes:


How about BLOW ME!



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Who cares??? If I owned 5 beautiful 407's I'd be pretty careful who I hired to fly them. I believe Canadore handed out diplomas to graduates, so there are lots of bodies out there to fill those seats. Maybe you haven't turned your TV on for a while but there is a major slow down going on right now and there is a bunch of resumes flying around now. Operators can be picky now. Sorry to sound rude but I think its reality now.


One more thing, is there any of those MP3 things that can brief Newfie Jughounds or Hutterite drillers?

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Guest who's yer daddy

"Slow down"???

Look at the back of this issue of vertical mag and aero ads. At least half a dozen or more companies looking for crew. Lots of work out there! For those that want the work.

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