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Oh Really!

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I would almost have to say that outside of the money you are making, it will always be management that makes their work place bad. ie

- Hire a poor attitude employee and keep him/her around until he/she infects the rest of the crew, this could be the way they treat the people under, with, or above them.

- Screw around with the pay of the employees

- Screw around with the benefits of the employees

- Screw around with the schedules (Not really pertinent to this industry, but somewhat)

- Dismiss safety issues to make money


The list goes on, but the team at the top is responsible for all, and you don't stay up there without a good foundation underneath you and the respect of your employees and customers. Complacency isn't just for pilots or engineers.



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Employment requirements (NHL minimum Pilot requirements)


Completion of secondary school and graduation from a certified flying or aviation school are required.

Multi-language skills (i.e. French, German, Spanish, Mandarin,…) are beneficial and essential to NHL given the international scope of our customers.

A Canadian commercial pilot's licence (CPL- Helicopter).

Preferences will be given to applicants with additional licences (Ground & Flight Instructor experience) or endorsement to fly the BH407 aircraft.

Flight experience shall include the following:

Total PIC; 600-1000hrs.

Mandatory Turbine experience: 400-500hrs.

A university degree or college diploma may be required.

Structured training is provided by NHL.



But the marketing reads....





Niagara Helicopters sets extremely high standards in regards to pilot flight experience. We require approximately 2,000 hours in the air as pilot-in-command, most of which must be on the Bell 206L or 407 series helicopters. In fact, most of our pilots are well above this limit.



then it goes on to say...



Most of our current piloting staff have been flying with us for over 10 years ! Really! :rolleyes:



Anyway, I find this rather inconstant. Perhaps they need somebody with a university degree because they can't count :lol:






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Anti-Christ? Well sumbeeyotch.... no wonder my friggin paycheques are delivered by the Four Horsemen and a pack of two-headed fire breathing dogs! Can't sleep at night either what with all the hellfire and damnation going on.....screaming and such.


And *** kissing too?!?!?! Well golly, that pretty much explains the smell.


From now on it's no more Satan or poopy nose for me!!!! Heading over to Ontario and gonna fly 'round and 'round the big liquid slide. Stopping off somewhere to get a degree first though. Can you reccomend a good school there happyfeet?


If you need to take a shot at me, or the outfit I work for, at least be man enough to say who you are.



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Ok GM I'm sorry! Just got really pissed off about these ^%%$*$* flying around the with degrees.


All right,antichrist was a little steep, :unsure: and I am sure that you are not a poopy nose! And I actually like some of the folks at VMH,forgive my impetuous mudslinging, downright lowdown earthworm type behavior. I get all worked up over stuff i really shouldn't give a **** about.


Well at the very least at least the guys hiring over where you are aren't asking for such ludicrous requirements.


Happy holidays


Happy Feet



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Remove that rediculous requirement and maybe you won't offend anybody in the future, or are you too blind to see that. Back to what we where saying about mgmt with head up arse. As for my occupation, very solid, very well paid! You running some kind of a frat boy club?? You invited the comments. with that rediculouse employment add.








Absurd... a request like this is absurd to me!! What are you thinking...???

Maybe if you would not be so stubborn it says "university degree may be required" does not mean it has to be a requirement, if you look at the forum more exactly some people actually got it!!! As for removing the "ridiculous requirement" first of, a guy like you doesn't tell me how to do my job, i don't tell you how to do yours either!!

Second of, the job ad is a standard job ad from the Canadian job bank it’s a standard job ad to fill out, as simple as that and probably i did not need an university degree to fill out the ad!!! :shock:

Anyway hope you had your fun with this and i hope there is better people out there or i would say i know there is better people out there who need the chance to do some hours (see other discussions on this forum) and yes move along to something else in their future!!!

The whole idea is to give some lower time pilot the chance to get some hours in a good controlled environment!!

Anyway if anybody needs more information feel free to PM me anytime!!


That's my last post on this


Fly safe


Rene Huessy aka flybell


PS: I’m not hiding behind my username :shock:


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