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Oh Really!

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You Betcha Kid, and I'll take you up on the bottle thing. :up: :up:

PS-Tell you Mom I still think of her! :P:P




humm.....Spilt! do you have a Gun! :unsure: Pwaaaaaahaa! :punk: :blink: Please, don't get this mad near a Sissy bar driver!


ohhh! and for the mom....how was she??? :lol:

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Eeeccckkk! Anything but the white dress shoes! :lol:


Splitty, you're better than that. And you know it. You don't have to prove anything to anyone here. ;)


Yeah, you're right TQN, Sorry Mom :D:D I'll rephrase it.


SidewallPuncture: May the fleas from a thousand camels nest in your armpits!!

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Better still some of the better companies promote further education for their employees. I have worked for one of the top helicopter companies and they actually paid for us to further our education. They had a very low turn over rate because of the extra perks.

So whats wrong if you get a college certificate or a degree with some one else paying the dime. I just looked at it as a fringe benefit.

So if NHL is not offering the top wages in the industry for wanting a degree as well they will end up like a lot of other companies that have to park equipment.

I have been flying for over 25 years and the only thing I have seen that is variable is wages. Price of machines goes up and insurance costs increase so it leaves only wages to play with to make a company profitable.


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