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Oh Really!

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It doesn't say you need a degree, it states it maybe required. So what. Why make a whole post on it? If you note who started the post you will find that he has a history of slagging ever company in the country and this is just another example. Note the mature response to the add at the end of his post. Didn't some folks just layoff a whole bunch of drivers? If so do you think that the competition for some jobs will become pretty intense? Don't you think that some employers will start demanding that the people who work for them meet a certain standard? And lastly if you don't like it don't apply.

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It has been my pleasure getting to know the folks that run the operation at the falls. I think they are probably just trying to avoid hiring whiney, miserable, unhappy people, with nothing better to do than spend time on the computer slagging others, likely out of pure jealousy.


YEAH, "BRAVO".... what's that sucking sound ?

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I'm surprised to find so much reference to homosexual behaviour on this forum! Perhaps a few of you have been in remote areas for too long......

You might want to reconsider and apply for the job in the Falls. They still fly a lot of nice looking tourist ladies in short skirts and high heels. Might keep you from going over to the other side permanently!

If you do an internet search, you may find a site that is more suitable for your orientation!

Isn't this great fun?

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