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Flight Schools In The Edmonton Area


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Hello all,


I'm making the plunge to get my PPL in hopes of starting a career in aviation. I was just wondering if anyone could give me honest opinions on the flight schools in the Edmonton area.


I'm mostly concerned about quality of the instructors and teaching as opposed to anything else (of course cost does matter). I'm not really interested in an aviation diploma as I have post secondary education and was recommended that doing just flight school would be more cost effective.


I also heard a rumor that Centennial is not giving flight training anymore. Is this true?



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Centennial Flight Centre is under new ownership and is still providing the best flight instruction in the Edmonton area.


OK I'm a little biased. But the rumours of our demise have been grossly overstated. Probably by our competitors who have to take pot shots just to stay in the game.


PM me if you would like my more complete (biased ) opinion.

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