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How would you feel with that kind or start up???



After take off it seems the RPM dosen't stop decreasing but I guess its simply normal with that bird.


Actually, reducing Nr after translation was perfectly normal with big round engines. You took off, then rolled the throttle off a bit but left the collective in the take-off position.


The SK-55 (1340 Pratt & Whitney or 1300 Wright engines), and SK-58 (1820 Wright engine) come to mind.


If I recall correctly the max take-off RPM for the 58 was 2800 RPM and 52 inches of manifold pressure with 100/130 avgas, or 56 inches with 115/145 avgas. After T/O you reduced Nr to about 2100 RPM. Then on short final you cranked the RPM back up again.


Yah, I know, I'm really really old, but I gotta tell yah, these things sound absolutely marvelous at full snort!



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I've heard they are very intolerent to any kind of overtorque. Supposedly even 103% can cause the driveshafts to break.


Highly unlikely, I suspect.


Assuming 100% is max Q, driveshafts breaking at 103% Q wouldn't meet the a/c certification standards of any country - East, West or otherwise.


If max Q was 50%, of course, that would be another matter entirely.


In any case, these Kamovs are round engine (piston) machines, so discussion of Q (although it certainly exists) as a measure of power is irrelevant.

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seems you are right. I must have read this a long time ago:




It just says that it uses 95% of its power in most flight regimes and due to frequent overloading the "interconnect shaft" which joins the two engines is prone to breakage.


And you believe everything you read on the internet - right?

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