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Cheer Up..................

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412 Driver

Your are looking good on that ride of yours. But in BC we have to wear helmets. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Just kidding your ride looks good. B) I have one of the two running. Ride safe amigo and really carefull with Monica on the back. Later.204B Driver.

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:( If this snow doesn't stop soon I may have to put winter tires on this honey. I named her "Yes Bye". I'm thinking of changing that however after seeing a young fellows reaction when I pulled up alongside him at an intersection. He heard the rumble, looked over and said "Holy Fu**". Unfortunately the Registrar of Motor Vehicles will not accept that term for a personalized plate. :huh:
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My mid life crisis is actually a 71 SS, wrong bumper(s). I've fixed that. Managed to buy a full front bumper for twenty bucks!! :shock: Split looks good but she wasn't stock.


As for the 8-track, still looking. Deep Purple yes, on a tape, as well as AC/DC. My ears are still ringing from last summer!! B)


The biggest shock I've ever had happened two summers ago. Went out for a ride on the 2 laner one sunny Sunday. Passed an Accord that was going too slow, 85 mph. Bugger caught up to me and tried to pass!! :unsure: Me nerves almost allowed that to happen. :blink::wacko: Feels awful naked these days at 100 mph without an air bag.

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