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Another Winter Question....

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I've been reading this thread with some interest, good topic. I tried flying in my sorel's and could feel the pedals worth a ****.


I just got home from a tour in Norman Wells, NWT and used a combination of foot wear, an insulated approach/hiking shoe with a good pear of wicking merino wool socks while inside the machine, and a pair of un-insulated Neo overboots on top while outside. I kept my sorel's in the back just in case. It worked real well for me, down to about -35 and flying 5-6 hours a day. At night I was sure to place the approach boots on the radiator though.


Insulated model



I used the un-insulated model below since I didn't find a store in time before I left with the insulated one. But I swear by these things now, and will go out and buy the insulated one this week. LeBaron's in Ottawa sells them.


Uninsulated model: (available at MEC)



Even with the overshoes on, placing your feet in the cowling cutouts of the AStar deck wasn't too hard, and the overall grip is fantastic. I did one flight with them on and the pedals still felt almost normal.


Did you find a place to buy the bunny boots?



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Thanks to all for posting. I did go to the local army surplus store and they had the Acton Chimo boots but not in my size, i get that alot. (my sister happily points out at every opportunity that i have "canoe feet") The store owner also pointed out the "bunnies", white medium high boots with a small air (?) valve on them. Is that what a bunny is? I had seen them before but they are so bulky i am afraid that there would be not room on the pedals. When i first started i had trouble flying in hiking boots but have overcome that little problem. Maybe the bunny boots would be the same? Anyhow, i am going to try a few more stores over the holidays to see if they have something in my size, if not,i will have to hit "Mark's" to see what they can come up with. Thanks again for the posts. L3driver.


Hey L3 Driver, try Weaver and Devor for the action chimos I've got a pair and they work great.








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Personally, I'm keen on protective footwear. Workers' comp will laff at someone who's busted a foot tipping a barrel onto their Chimos. Sorel's now making CSA approved winter boots using composites for the protective parts. A lot warmer than steel toes & shank! Get 'em at Mark's. Definitely a matter of personal preference...


Season's best to everyone!



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Well I bought a pair of -70 rated marks workwarehouse fully composite boots,,,,am not sure how they get the rating but at -39 they suck(well not completely, with the heat in machine going full tilt they were comfortable)....like two great huge plastic weights. My old white cozy boots are way safer,,,,why, cuz they kept my feet warm in cold temps,,,,I was telling this to some fellas today and wishing had bought the -100 rated composites and they said they suck too,,,,go figure,,,,buy the bunnys/chimos. Funny, how workers comp never asks why you didn't get hurt,,,maybe they should,,,these great huge plastic "safe" boots are quite frankly dangerous on the side of machine, stiff as board to walk with and generally crap, biggest waste of 149 dollars since the night in Kajos,,,but even that was fun.


The most comfortable and warm footware have ever used was a set of sealskin mukluks and never had cold feet, but had to wear little rubber slippers over them in warmer weather to keep them dry.


Sometimes safety has to be taken into perspective, like the time the nova guys wouldn't let me leave the helipad for the office thingy at a compressor site as I didn't have a hardhat,,,,said no problem but if am too cold to fly than who's gonna come get me and fill out the reams of friggin paperwork...they let me come in and drink coffee and no space junk hit me on the head while walking the 100 feet..go figgur, next time I brought a hard hat with me just incase....

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The best thing that worked for me was getting what are called "SILK " socks,very thin socks you wear inside your regular socks. A thin "wicking" sock and I mean thin, what you are looking for is thin socks that wick and hold the moisture, Just like the new thin long johns. Marks, Crappy tire or any outdoor store should have them...never where my feet warmer in the winter after I found this trick..change them everyday and your warm feet will thank you..

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Get a pair of sorels that are a size to big, get you wife or granny to knit up a pair of wool slippers, slip them on when you put your boots on and you'll not feel the cold anymore, I have been doing this for about 10 yrs now and my feet never get cold. you get some pretty funny looks when people see you slipping them on, but it is not about fashion out there in the cold it's about keeping warm.

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