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Top 5 Hardest Jobd


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Iz okay, Bullet. I'm banned from Caesar's, too. :up: Barkeep has a good memory :lol: , so we'll don some red wigs and hit 'em good sometime down the road! :D Glad you left Lost Wages with your spirit and wallet in tact and particularly happy you're still fixin' them flyin' machines. ;) Hugs to you and Missus Bullet!


the hardest...longling with less than 500 hrs...or spelling longlining while trying to keep up drinking with a high-timer...all fixelated for you sirlandsalot! :P


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Guest Bullet Remington
Hey Bullet,


Don't hit send if you were typin and drinkin.



rob :lol:





Did I FUBAR and pm you as well?? Eye nevar tip end drunk! :lol:


Got a text message from one of our fleet drivers asking "Hey, Buddy, what's for supper?"Appearently he was on his way to Edmontonchuk and thought I was there. Just getting out of (the liar's ) my lawyer's office, I thought it was my wife! :down:


So I sent back,- Mary Brown's chicken for the boy, tube steak for you"-----, and I can even attempt to put on here what I told her I wanted for supper!! :unsure: :shock: :lol:


The doctor's say the driver should be ok to go home as long as he keeps taking his medication. "He MAY get back to driving in the next couple of years , too!! <_<

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