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Afgan Crash

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What kind of work were they doing there, and did the helicopter company pull out?


If it was the road building contract, I believe that the taliban stated that they would do everything in their power to stop it. The last thing they want is to allow progress, want the people in the dark so to speak. Sad thing for sure and not the way anyone would want to go, my condolensces.



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thanks for that biggles...........


i'm going to leave this on that note. we will never agree on all things at all times, heck, if we did we would probably organize :P but we know that will never happen...............


everyone does have the right of freedom of speech, thought ect.... Deuce, THAT's what your Dad fought for...........


i say we end this strife here and now. shake hands as it were and walk away from it..............


Rest in Peace Mark........................

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412 Driver


"i say we end this strife here and now. shake hands as it were and walk away from it.............."


Good call.


Biggles, very well said Dude.


I totally agree with the freedoms of speech and expression but we must watch that we dont put Kyle & this Great Site in another compromising situation as has happened recently.





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A couple of thoughts.

I have a mate or 3 working in Afganistan for the UN and they travel often with an armed escort. Might be a good idea to see about having some ex-SAS lads sit in the back on these jobs. I know the Fijian mercs are busy in Iraq right now....


I hope that his widow gets her insurance. PH tried to get out of paying another widow in 1998 after her husband died in a Lama accident. They refused to pay because they said it was his fault and she should be grateful that they were not charging her for the lost machine. 60mins in OZ did a episode on it.

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I guess I will have to add my comments here, because I have worked and lived with these religious fanatics and I do not think it is possible to ever understand or change them.


What some of the hand wringers who think everyone is equal don't understand is reality....equal has nothing to do with fanatics who are born into hatred of the infidel.


So I'm with the group who have no empathy for that mindset.


So if that makes me a rasist then that is what I am.


Sadly many more have died and more will, nothing ever changes........humans are basically savages at heart at best.


Chas W.

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