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Lama Video

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Zico - Yes but the video clip is shot at Sion. I spent some time staying with a friend of mine, Patrick Fauchere who flies for Air Glaciers so I know the place well.


Had a great time out spraying with the guys and also up in the mountains with the Lama and the B3.



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The Lama is one of Air Glaciers machines and am pretty sure its their Chief PIlot flying it. The airfield they are flying from is Sion in Switzerland and is Air Glaciers base.


I am pretty sure that is Burnt V. putting on the air show. I am not sure if he was the cheif pilot their at one time, but I know that he isn't anymore. I think that there is another video of him stacking drums with the his skid tube on youtube, but i can't seem to find it.

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