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Yesterday Helifor laid off a bunch of people. First time in forever and unfortunatly I was one of them. It is a shame as the Boeing Vertol in my opinion is the very best aircraft in the world to work on and for hard work and high utilization nothing compares. 2400 hours per year max power min power every two or three minutes for 11 hours a day. I will miss the old 107 and the fine group of people that work there.

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2009 might be a bad year for a lot of operators


I spoke to my dealer (art, not drug) in Toronto last night. He told me over 8000 businesses have declared bankruptcy in Canada.


Making art is all about one thing: eliminating distraction so that the essential may speak. And be heard.


During this time, it is especially hard to maintain a practice of eliminating distraction. Because it seems like life IS, now, a distraction.


Creative solutions do exist. There are ways out. Hang in there & be good to yourselves.

This will pass.




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Geez what a surprise.! Did they lay off all the pilots? Hey Old at least they had the common decency to wait till christmas was over. Most of the others sent the guys packing with coal in their stockings. So much for full time loayalty and keeping the guys afloat. Next time they call nail their *** to the wall with high contract rates and if the greedy ******** don.t like it too bad . I say.


The one positive thing that happened today was that I heard from a reliable source the the handing out of work permits to ozzies and kiwis is over for the short term. This also includes renwals. This will at the very least free up whatever spots there are for some of the unemployed Canadians out there.

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Things being as bad as they are in the forestry sector I'am sure the layoffs are not a personal thing, too many helicopters not enough work. All operators are feeling the pinch work wise. Probably not an issue of "Greed" on the operators part, All operators have struggled to attract crews for the last few seasons so whoever sharpened the axe probably did so with a heavy heart


How long would the average person sit at an empty desk in an empty room listening to the clock tick with nothing to do before they say I quit?


At least the operator is trying to let the crews move on to greener pastures during "Moving Season"

Not make them hang around all spring washing the same helicopter and then saying "See ya" in the middle of july when all the good jobs are taken for the season and the Iron flies in a V formation south for the rest of the season.

Lets hope they all find that silver Lining TQN is talking about

Just My 2 Cents



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Coulnd agree more with most of the above post.Very sad for those affected. But what about all that psychobable about workin as an employee vs sending them an invoice at a higher contract rate. So what gives whats is all this loyalty crap employers deal out about going full time as an employee. I say horse crap! Looks like everybody is just as vulnerable to a lay off. There is very little security for anyone so i say when you can get work nailem to the wall felllas.!!!!.



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