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Work Permit Freeze

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Could it be true?

Is it possible that the only ones allowed to work in Canada are Canadians??

Be still my beating heart......but what's the catch?

There's gotta be a catch...............like permits will still be issued to those who are fluent in French......just watch and see!!!


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Rumour has it and it just 3rd hand info. but a bunch of guys wrote thier MP about the over abundance of down unders. I guess the message got to the decision makers. Given the current shortage of open positions perhaps our government is now working to fix the problem of out dated industry information. Didn't hear anything about french.

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Just a rumour from two independant and reliable sources.

That's why I posted the question......."could it be true"

It would be nice to level the playing field at last and make it at least as hard for expats to get a work permit for Canada as it is for a non-citizen to get one for the States, Australia or NZ and Europe.

Too many good Canadian pilots can't get a job in their own country.....I never saw the justice in that or understood the policy.

Even back in the 70's / 80's when pilots from Europe were invited to come to Quebec at the expense of young Canadian pilots looking for work in their own country.

All they had to do was be able to speak French and the PQ gov't sponsored them and the feds approved every application.

Something wrong with that picture too.

But then that whole embarrassing situation is just something else we, as Canadians, spend way too much time trying to understand.

Gawd knows I sure don't understand the double standard. But then I guess that was just another national insult we had to endure......and the beat goes on !

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What you fail to realise is that its not all about sponsored work permits. A lot of foreign pilots (Ozzies and Kiwis, as they seem to be generalised by) dont just come to Canada on sponsored work permits. There is an Under 35 work and travel visa valid for one year that allows them to come in and work wherever they want to. So just because the Govt may crack down it doesn't mean that it will stop foreign pilots from entering the country and getting to work. Especially if they have more experience, then as it has always gone, the companies will always hire the more experienced person. Its just that simple.


For those of you that are rejoicing at the news that the sponsored work permits may be stopped this year, and felt so hard done by, with Ozzies and Kiwis coming in and taking "your" jobs. Maybe you never bothered to look into doing the same in reverse. If you had, you might have found out that all Canadians between the age of 18-30 are allowed to get a Work and Travel Visa for Australia and New Zealand for 1-2 years!! Just because it may be harder to get sponsored on Oz or New Zealand doesn't mean you still cant figure a way to work there.


The reality is, that if the Govt does decide to cancel sponsored work permits this year, it doesnt mean that you are magically gonna get a job. The sad fact is, a lot of this is in response to the current economic gloom, looming ahead of us all. More and more companies are letting people go with the anticipation of a bad year of work. Its gonna be #### times ahead, and rejoicing at this kind of situation is just a waste of time.


Also, if you wanna get a work visa for Europe you can - every country that has the opportunity to come and work in Canada with the Under 35 work and Travel Program, offers the same in return - albeit, sometimes there is an age difference. However, the fact that if you dont have a JAA license, then I think most people wouldnt bother trying to work in Europe - a year of school and a fortune in money for it all to get the license. Lets be realistic, I don't see a flood of Canadian's wanting to go to Europe and get studying for the JAA license!!!


No comment with working in the States - we all know that place is locked up as tight as a sharks a$$ at 50,000 fathoms!

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Just out of curiosity, what is the deal with Canadians flying in the US? Didn't I just read that the licence procedure has changed to just a medical and an exam to get their licence? As an aside, I have friends who do work there, and have had some less than nice things to say about some aspects of it.

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I have had an opportunity to work in the southern hemisphere. There are a few Canadians doing the same there. Lots of Ossies, and Kiwi's working there as it is realatively close. The funny thing is that some of the guys feel that we are after there jobs.


I think if a company can not fill the jobs, they can go out and get guys. I worked a long time in canada and for a long time we were short staffed, not now, we are not short staffed, but then, yes.


The guys i have met from down under are top notch guys.


But it is funny that they feel the same way down south as we did. Taking jobs.


just want to enjoy my job, meet new people and make the experience a nice one.



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But it is funny that they feel the same way down south as we did. Taking jobs.


And the Aussies are MUCH more militant about protecting their home grown jobs then we EVER will be....!

"Australia is for Australians" is the national slogan and has been for years....just ask one.

Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That.

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