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Could we have a translation please??



into what language?


Грейпфрут - tres холод сегодня!


Zeer koude grapefruit - vandaag!


Γκρέιπφρουτ - πολύ κρύο σήμερα!


Grapefruit - very cold today!


Pompelmo - molto freddo oggi!


¡Pomelo - mismo frío hoy!


it's nonsense in any language though.



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Yeesh...gettin' kinda too personal there, aren't ya Mr. Shakey? With all due respect...(and you're right, it's NONE of my beeswax)...don't know you or T-Rex or much of anybody, for that matter...but that kind of slagging is too personal and should be saved for PMs. :mellow: Sorry. Couldn't let it slide. You may PM me if you wish to yell at me now. :rolleyes:

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I remember stopping by your former employer and being told there is no room. (by you)


As an Ozzie sauntered by with about 10 hours more than me.


Geeez..........tough break shakey. Do you think then it may have had something to do with your attitude???




Happydays.....you bet!

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