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Un Happyfeet,


Why are you so angry, we are striving for the same goal, to make money find a good job thats safe and have some fun along the way. You want all foreigners to not work in Canada by the sound of it. So who is going to drive the taxi when you go out for a few beers next time ..... who's going to serve you in a gas station next time you need a coffee on the road, who's going to operate a chair lift next time you want to take the family for a skiing..?


You are such a clever person, why aren't you a politician....? obviously you are not a good pilot because you cant find work.


I am not a employer and I am way too young to retire ;-)



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Happyguy...you REALLY need to lay off the weed and maybe get a hobby or something, try getting out more often and maybe join the rest of us here in the world we call reality. You are not related to this guy in the link below are you (because a few of us are painting a picture of you and it looks something like this guy):




Your rantings and ravings are doing you know favours at all and coupled with your disregard for the use of acceptable language, you're coming across as simple, yet highly disturbed for no real valid reason. Even if you could present a well written, research/informed and objective piece of information, the way you've subjectively perverted the argument into an emotional quagmire of non-factual rubbish, the message you are trying to communicate has been lost, which is not really the tact you want if trying to persuade us all so that we should all stay in our own countries and never come again to play anywhere else in the world. Perhaps you could enlighten us all as to what it is exactly that you are crusading for? Give us all some substance, aside from s@#t that seems to be flowing frequently from your direction.


It seems as though you are all for Canadians for Canadian jobs at all or any cost, especially for the junior pilots with 105hrs plus some. Yet its ok for pilots of more experience to then travel the world and take their skills with them? So on one hand you want Canadian operators to show loyalty and take on and train junior pilots, yet its ok for them to leave if they want to pursue opportunities elsewhere? Am I right so far? It is also ok that Canadian crews and machines travel the world for work, but you don't want foreign pilots in your own country? It just does not seem to add up to me.


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Ferrari, and Happyman


The message has not been lost.


I will have little difficulty finding work. But here is the rub.


There are too many work permit holders in Canada taking Canadian jobs away from skilled Canadian workers.


Read the posts that have been made on the petition. I am not making this stuff up!


What really burns my *** is you guys that automatically assume that "oh you must not have the skills" or your personality has a problem. What a load of crap! Buzz off! Think up something more original that this typical nonsensical drone.


The facts are that the ops managers can screw the Aussies and the Kiwis ,around far easir that they can a domestic pilot. A permit holder is bound to that company. This removes the greener pasture argument for management, so hire a foriegner.Plus the foriegner is under the impression that the company is doing him a big favour when really its the other way round.


I get upset when I see my fellow Canadians getting burned this way. I am really sorry if the Permit holders are getting upset about it but myself and many other job seekers should not have to compete with migrant labour to have a steady job in Canada. Especially in an industry that is so small with very few openings seasonally.


So instead of denying that there is a problem facing the prospective up and comming pilots as well as the present roster of Canadian guys with all the right skills, I say do something about it.


So really, it's you guys who have to face reality.


The process is already at hand and alot more advanced that you may believe.


This business about Canadian going to OZ, good luck they have a union. They are organized.And don't think for a minute that it is easy to work in OZ. #1 the market is tiny compared to Canada so the argument you make holds no water.


So something is going to get done about it.




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Just to correct you on a few details in your last post which are incorrect.


First of all, Australia has a professional federation of air pilots that is voluntary for people to join. It is by no means an organised union per se, insofar as they do not organise members to strike or any similar form of action. Pilots join on a voluntary nature and pay fees to belong to a union for basic legal representation should they need it, and for the provision of insurance for loss of licence, death and disability etc. It is not this magical union that conducts stand-over tactics to have all pilots of all levels of experience paid particular sums of money. There is a basic and antiquated agreement that stipulates what pilots should be paid, but most people in general aviation are not paid this award, particularly when they are below the 1000hr mark. Most other organisations have their members collectively bargain and negotiate a set of conditions that is mutually satisfactory.


As a side note, we have plenty of Kiwi pilots who come over and get starts as pilots in Australia. The best person for the job get the job at the end of the day, and not because he flashes his local passport. Some people may not like this, but its the way of the world. Accept it or lose out (or spend lots of time whinging aimlessly about it). Most of us are getting on with things.


Secondly, I am not sure many people like the statement you made in reference to foreign pilots taking Canadian jobs. If this is the case, you had better quick smart send emails to all your Canadian countrymen who are flying around the world and tell them to return immediately to Canada as you are protecting Canadian jobs and don't want to appear to be hugely hypocritical. On that point, better get the machines that are flying around the world with 'C' registrations to return as well. God forbid, they are taking work from the locals, regardless of whether or not they could or could not provide a similar service and capability. Its all about nationalism is it not, given your feeble and heavily one-sided argument? You can't argue for the protection of local jobs and ignore the fact that your own countrymen are doing exactly that elsewhere around the world. (Canucks are doing a great job here helping us with the fires by the way).


Thirdly, whilst some may think you personally don't have the skills to perform the job, foreign workers did not take your job and they should not have to vacate their position so you can keep working. You lost your job or whatever the case is - deal with and go get another one. If you can't get one, then make some effort like the foreign pilots did and go and get a job elsewhere. If you don't like making an effort and could not be bothered and would rather cry about it and whinge about foreign pilots taking your work, then go and grow up and get another job that is more secure that foreign workers cannot do. My girlfriend currently can't get a mining job after being retrenched, but she is not on a crusade to have all immigrants booted out of the country so she can be handed a job. Such a suggestion on your behalf is both ridiculous, immature and frustrating. No relation to your flying skills, just your inability to think like a rational and balanced adult.


Fourthly, just about everything you have said about the industry in Australia is either incorrect or exaggerated at best, in to order to aid the shallow argument that Canadian jobs should only be reserved for Canadians regardless. Apparently a petition has been started and action is being advanced to have foreign pilots visa's removed or limited. Ask your Canadian peers what they would think if we suddenly had a brain snap (much like yourself) and started whinging about Canadian operators bringing their machines into our country and taking the work of local operators. I bet they would turn around and tell you to disappear quickly and be quiet in a very rude and impolite way. At the end of the day we now live in a global environment and as such the competition is global as well. If we can offer a better service or product, then by rights we should win. But sometimes we don't win and asking for the competition to be excluded based on nationality is just not a reasoned, nor valid argument.


I would suggest you go away and think about things for a while before coming back with anymore of your incorrect rhetoric which continues to suggest you have the intellect of a retarded brown bear high on Tim Horton's coffee BC hooch. Please return with something that makes at least some sense, is not biased or hypocritical, but is thought out and factual.


As for your argument about not wanting to compete against foreign labour cause its unfair for you, you really do sound like a young kid just beaten at a game of soccer and you want revenge or the referee to award you a win cause you lost. The rest of the world has gone global, whether its for better or worse, and almost every industry you can think of has competition, whether its local, state or provincial or international. If you can't accept this and move on and survive, you are finished and will find yourself wasting your time bleating about people taking your job that you apparently deserve based on nationality.


And whilst you're at it, just heard from the UAE...the Emirates are not happy that they are not flying and they want their job back. Better pack your bags and return to the motherland you love so much.

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Guest SidewallPuncture
Be carefull my friend on handing out your judgement.


I remember stopping by your former employer and being told there is no room. (by you)


As an Ozzie sauntered by with about 10 more hours than me.


I also remember you bad mouthing my mentor cause he was on my resume. You aren't capable of holding his jock.


By the way don't try to kid yourself,you have never started to get a person going from a 100 hrs in your life. The funny part about guys like yourself is you barely remember when you had a 100 hrs.


Don't take it personly " your not as great or respected as you think you are"


Since I've known T-rex for most of my career, I will back him up as being respectable. Unfortuantely his job requires him to make decisions that don't always make him popular.

Love to see you step into his shoes for a day.


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Ah happyfeet that was brilliant. You really should have stuck to the cutting & pasting and slagging people off. Therein lies a talent! As for your petition, well things seem to have stalled a wee bit so I added my name and took the liberty of suming up your argument. Hope you like it!! Always happy to help out a fellow aviator who's lost his way!


Oh and about your friend who lost his job to a kiwi. The one who set you off on your crusade! Would it have made life easier if he'd lost his job to a 'young canadian guy with almost no responsibility'? You might want to redirect your anger at his employer and word your little petition accordingly!


Feel free to pass on his contact details. If he's the kind of pilot that doesn't require that glance in the mirror then I'll be telling him given the attitude of his employer they have done him a huge favour! Move on and find a decent company to work for. If on the other hand he's one of those pilots that believes he has a god given right to a job based solely on his experience and/or nationality........tough luck!




Happydays....you bet!



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It seems Ferrariflyer has put a few things straight for Happyfeet, with all some very valid and decent points without getting aggressive and bringing things down.


Happyfeet, obviously just my opinion, but you are quite possibly the worst spokesperson for this petition and what you are arguing for. Where it all comes from, who knows? Perhaps you need some counseling??? Are you sore at the world since you have been working in the UAE for the last few years and now dont have a job there anymore? Now that you have to return home and see foreigners working in Canada, has it finally pushed you over the edge? Do you want a hug? Either way, Canadians have a great name around the world, its a shame to see someone like you, who is working internationally, bring the credibility down. I'm sure the UAE will be thanking Allah when you finally leave. [removed by moderator - no name calling]


Anyway, your petition is gonna be a bit hard to fulfill by the Govt. You think that you can stop 1 year working holiday permits, which is linked to many countries around the world for many years, and is completely unassociated with the helicopter industry! From the look of things, as we have all discussed, the work permits provided by companies will decrease as the work in the industry has decreased. So we dont need to worry about that one. Getting rid of an international program for people traveling and working abroad - good luck to you!


Said it before and once again. Stop complaining about things, moaning and whining about $hit. Make yourself the next better pilot to get the job, and be willing to go wherever it takes to get the work without complaining.

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Guest plumber
Since I've known T-rex for most of my career, I will back him up as being respectable. Unfortuantely his job requires him to make decisions that don't always make him popular.

Love to see you step into his shoes for a day.


Well Shakey as entertaining as this whole debate is I have stopped by T-rex's old place of employment a couple of times too talk to him and was always met with kindness and respect.


You need to lighten up. Lifes too short.

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