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Short in a number of areas!


If you read my post happy you may notice that I said a 'good number' not 'all' experienced pilots without jobs could use a look in the mirror. Subtle difference to what you're trying to portray. Merely commenting on a percentage of the workforce that an employer may wish to overlook (irrespective of nationality) for reasons you are displaying beautifully.



P.S. I am home happy. Apparently you're the one who isn't, take a look outside!




Happydays.....you bet!



There are 20 good people who have expressed an opinion on the matter. I suspect that the number will grow. So I guess I am not the only one concerned about the mattter.


As for scuba steve and the others that are still using the " get a life" argument, please come up with something factual. This thing has little to do with personality and everything to do with protecting Canadian jobs.


Finally but not least, the use of the term NAZI is hardly acceptable. But I guess when you are deperate to make a point anything goes. Poor choice.


The fact remains that we in Canada are saturated with foiriegn work permit holders. There is an adequate supply of Canadian Skilled pilots. So we don't need any more permits issued into the forseable future.


Thank ou for your support, and enjoy your day!



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Your rantings and ravings are doing you know favours at all and coupled with your disregard for the use of acceptable language, you're coming across as simple, yet highly disturbed for no real valid reason.


For no real valid reason??


I found this statement by you on Jan 15/09 on an Aussie forum.....


I know abroad in North America, things have slowed and in Canada in particular, its quite depressing. Heard of many very high time guys looking for work and the jobs boards on the net are basically bare.


Seems like your comments on this forum are contradictory and rather self serving.

Not very helpful.

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I took a tour back in 1980 to Switzerland and loved the country and started to inquire about moving and working there. Found out a year before that they were under tough economic times and our tour guide was living there. They revoked all work permits and gave every one 48 hours to leave the country. Tough economic times call for tough measures.

So what is the big deal just cancel the permits and have local pilots fill the positions.

Or maybe we need a system like the states and have the industry customers dictate the requirements as the forestry does.

Maybe if your a member of HEPAC they could set group factory courses and other educational programs. Or how about a hour or two in a full motion simulator. The factory never seems to worry about doing full on autos in their ships which a lot of operators are not willing to do. If they negotiate as a group they might be able to even tap into HRDC funds.

Make it a requirement that the training has to be completed in Canada and you have to be a Canadian citizen to complete the course.

If you look at the advertisements for corporate jobs most of them state that they want factory courses and a lot of there insurance policies state that they must have them. If we just raise the bar a bit then the import pilot would not be such a bargain at his lower wage rates. Who knows maybe the accident and incident rate would go down and a operator would be much more profitable in the long run.

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My take on this whole scenario is as follows;


Work permits are issued by immigration to furnners as long as they are SPONSORED by a company that is perceived to have problems finding employable people within their own borders. This applies to any industry in that country.


The helicopter industry in Canada has TWO viable associations, HAC representing the company owners who are SPONSORING the applicants for work permits and HEPAC who has the interest of the pilots and engineers at stake.


We are all being very naive if we are not aware that some entities use the "work permit" to pay an out of country individual below standard wages and the company has control of the individual in a master slave relationship, which I believe is illegal.


For Canadian companies the work permits should only be accepted by HRDC/Immigration if they have been vetted by HAC/HEPAC to ascertain that a qualified PILOT/ENGINEER is not available.


HRDC or Immigration are not the experts.


Cheers, Don

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I standby my original statement in regards to not trying to argue with a fool - you will lose. Clearly, I have lost.



okay now budy! i bet it's time to move on... your ain't gona change the world...aren't you? just let it go... you'll sleep better tonight!



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Always nice to see someone critique a persons perceived lack of etiquette and then use the term xxxx


Well done :down: :down:




Ahhh... true enough worldywings. I will have to retract that one and will edit my last post. I guess I was running short of a phrase for someone who wants a workplace for only one nation of people.

My bad people. Apologies for that one.

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