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Work Permit Freeze

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HF I am not personal but try to be more constructive :-)


Where to you get the numbers for the auto indu? As fare as I know and have been informed the forest indu is the biggest employer in Canada with the biggest revenue. I might be wrong.

For saving jobs, there are many other industries that could be helped then the auto indu.


I do agree with you on one point; get rid of all the foreigners that to Canada to steal our jobs and woman. Lets send them to.........the moon? Closed borders are the best way to secure Canadian jobs. Go Canucks.



Well don't kow about the moon, but lets protect Canadian Jobs for Canadians. As for my numbers I am sure the figures are close but lets ot forget that Harper and the boys are trying to build support in the middle of the country where they have been having some short falls. Ontario in specific. Anyhow thats my take on it.

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By the way HAPPYFEET is see you're in the UAE, why don't they hire nationals? And why are you there if you're Canadian?


Are you treated well?



Glad you asked. I am done as of Feb 9 and comming home. They are training more of thier own nationals to protect thier industry. I have been here for 2 years, but they are trusting foriengers less and less. Its a sign of the times. As for treatment, well lets just say go give it a go. Westerners generaly are just one step up above east indians and asians. Very rare that the locals even give you the time of day, there are exceptions and I have made a few friends. They expect that we come for short time then go home.



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Shakey, you shouldn't presume to know about someone based on a discussion of their views and the information they provide to enlighten people.

Also, I never said we should keep sponsoring foreign pilots with work permits. In fact, I imagine this summer hardly any operators will be sponsoring any foreign pilots. Which will reflect the current job shortages situation. Just like last summer when things started going bad, didn't Great Slave dump all their foreign pilots and a lot of contract ones. Like I said before, I guess that will magically create jobs for all the jobless pilots all of a sudden. However, it still wont stop foreign pilots coming in if they use the 1 year Work and Travel visa. But I guess we can have some fun mashing their heads in when they do show up, and send the message to the rest of the world not to come to Canada. :)

Well this has all been very entertaining, but I guess you can only enlighten a select few on how the world operates. I guess we just cant educate everyone. Which is a shame, coz I have always said, in this industry when you think you know it all and stop learning, you shouldn't be a pilot anymore.

Shakey - trust me, I dont feel anything about you. Its just a chat board. Based on rumors, gossip and people stirring up $hit. Its occasionally informative to those that want to be informed.

From the looks of this topic, things may just end up being the same in Canada, with people thinking lowly of foreigners.

Good luck all - unfortunately its gonna get worse before it gets better.

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Good to know that you are an expert on the system.


Lets go to CIC´s home page and have a look for what the requirements is to get a temp work permit:

For a company to hire a non Canadian citizen the company need to offer the employ an job and then get a labour market opinion that stats that there are no qualified Canadians that can obtain the job. If, after 21 days there are no qualified Canadians that can take the job the company can then offer/sponsor a qualified non Canadian this position.


For those that have the time and the will to read on CIC´s webpage here is the link for there temp work permit: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/index.asp


Good reading.





You are SO naive.


Who decides if there are no qualified Canadians to fill the posted job........the employer?

Where are these jobs advertised for the 21 days. Their local Tim Hortons bulletin board?

I've never seen an ad for a pilot that says ".....last offer, only 5 days left before we look outside for help" .....and I've been flying since the 70's.

So, like Niagara, simply require your applicant to have a University degree....or speak 4 languages.....or or or or ...........and eventually the only person who can take the job is an old family friend from back home.


You're darn right I'm angry

Angry because this industry is so disorganized and polarized.

There is no minimum standard for anything that affects your ability to advance and earn the respect of your peers, yourself or your family when you are constantly moving from one job to another, one company to another.

Why are you willing to work for less just to "fly" or build hours.

Are you such a whore to the helicopter?

Can't you see the disservice you do to yourself?

The only ones who benefit from an industry that eats it's young are the operators.

And why is there no "industry standard" pay scale you can count on unless you work for CHC.

In Australia there is an award....a contract amount agreed to by the association.

Yes, they have an association. A F*#@ing union !!

Every pilot in Canada is on his own, by design and therefore interested only in himself, for this season, and the operators love it.

What about your future? Have you even though about this job as a career with a future? Something you will retire from?

How can you feel secure in an industry were gypsy pilots are invited, even encouraged, to take the work right out from under your nose.....and you think it's OK, so much so that you defend a system that allows it !

In any other industry they would be called scabs.

Why are you so willing to accept less than the minimum your job can offer?

I'll bet you the cat skinner on your last drill contract made more money and has more job security than you do.......and he doesn't take his life and the lives of others, in his hands every time he goes to work.

And for sure it didn't cost him $70K to get his licence.

Boy, doesn't that say something when I equate the pilot to the cat skinner and not the geologist on the job.


Ya....I'm angry.

But I'm also retired, so this is all academic to me.





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Couldn't agree more Happy guy. There are many angry guys out there, and the industry does eat thier young. It all stems from this "priveldge of flying BS" . Its really just another Job.


Retire with a pension, your kidding right! The only jobs I know of in the inustry that you could actually retire from would be Transport Canada. As for the rest of the so called pension plans or RRSP matching, what a joke that is.


I think the flight schools need to be a little more up front with persons who they sell the license too and be clear that its not a real career, its more like a part time job with zero job security.


You will die poor as a helicopter pilot in Canada unless you start your own show.



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