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Field Maintenance Training For Pilots?


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You could take the ICS (correspondance) AME course. As for elementary maintenance, which is what you are speaking of, it is set up in the CARS mostly for private aircraft (fixed wing). Anything that your employer wants you to do you have to be taught anyways. Maybe you could hang out (if your employer allows it) with the wrenches in the hanger. You could pick up some pointers that way. I would also suggest that you maybe talk to your ops guy or DOM and mention to them you would like some maintenance training. They might have other drivers who would like to do some as well. they could do a little in house training setion for you guys.

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I am wondering if a pilot can take a course in field maintenance and then be able to do that maintenance within the limits of the training.I am a pilot and am also interested in heli mechanics and it would sure help my resume.Any thoughts?


As a pilot you can only do elementary tasks like servicing (adding oil, hydraulic fluid etc.). You can be trained to perform some AD's and DI's but anything that requires the use of tools will be pretty much off the list. A pilot is very limited in what he can do. While good for you perhaps - a field maintenance course isn't likely to do much for your resume as TC has tied your hands and each employer has to offer the training you seek.

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