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Helijet/bc Contract Extension

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What's happenin out there? Heard the contract was up a few months ago but HJ got an extension till after the Olympics.


Any truth to this?



Yup. VIH got one as well for the Rupert contract. RFP was out last year and BCAS had quite the wish list. Then they saw what it was all going to cost to get rid of clapped out old A models and Bell 222's and replace them with brand new EC 145's or C+'s.


They revoked the RFP and to date no new request is forthcoming. We may see more extensions but for sure at this point we are well into 2010 on the existing contract.



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Good to hear The boys at HJ will keep busy, at least till the job market improves. It's a forgone conclusion that the old A models need to be replaced. This is going to take a huge investment, the question is that I do't think that the scheduled service and the local sea plane competition and market will allow or support the use of a C+. That really big money!


Stranger things have happened.





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From what I understand, a big part of the issue was regarding the legality of the RFP. Specifically, there was a clause or section that did not adequately define how "out of jurisdiction" bidders might be dealt with. It seems that there may have been questions raised about this issue by proponents other than Helijet and VIH/Cougar. I believe that it was cancelled to get a significant re-write done after in depth legal consultation but I have no idea when the RFP will be posted again.


Also, I think BCAS is quite aware of what the costs were going to be regarding an aircraft upgrade - the criteria detailed in the RFP were put there for a reason. Personally, I hope the Vancouver base gets something along the lines of the 76 C+ (or a 139 if a boy can dream) rather than the 145. For the typical work that the Flight Crews do in Vancouver, the 145 is just too small (unless you could dictate that the aircraft was ONLY doing scene calls and no inter-facility transfers). A couple of new 76's and a dedicated scene response 145 would be an ideal set up for Vancouver operations but it isn't going to happen in my lifetime. For Rupert operations, the 145 might be an excellent choice.

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