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Discovery Air Rescued

Bar C

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The MLA's are also pissed that one of the cabinet has shares in DA.


Should they get the loan every operator that is on the point of bankruptcy should move to Yellowknife

or any where in the Nunavut and always be sure of survival. Pond Inlet sounds like a good spot, or maybe just outside of Alert!!!!!!


They could always be used for our Northern Defense, maybe the RCMP will let them carry guns.


God, it's fun to be a taxpayer and watch the endless waste.


What happened to the REFORRRRRRMMMMMM PARTY.



I'm pretty certain they reformed into part of the problem. Big fish, small pond is easy, but easily uncovered.

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N.W.T premier, cabinet survive no-confidence motion


All I know is that I'm relieved! Looks like the loan should go through...


It is a done deal..


Discovery Air completes refinancingFriday February 6, 2009, 2:54 pm EST

Yahoo! Buzz Print LONDON, ON, Feb. 6 /CNW/ - Discovery Air completed its $34 million financing arrangement with the Northwest Territories Opportunities Fund, as previously announced on January 19, 2009. Discovery Air also has received an extension of the expiry date of its $7.5 million operating line of credit to April 30, 2009.


Discovery Air's Class A common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DA.A


Discovery Air's Debentures trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DA.DB.






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So, there doesn't seem to be an issue with the Government of Canada bailing out GM and those slug auto workers making $100,000 per year for sticking bolts in door handles, but people have issues with DA and its affiliates being given a loan. What did I miss here?

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Sorry, my error. It was reported on Canada AM that a forklift operator at the plant made that amount, and that the approximately $70 per hour is actually broken down to about $30 per hour up front, and approx $40 per hour in benefits etc. It was reported that aprrox $2000 per vehicle was tacked on to recoup those costs by the manufacturer. The union president didn't endear himself during one interview either buy ranting rather than rationalizing. Sorry for my knee jerk reaction, they succesfully agitated me.

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