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V-22 Visit

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The Osprey has to follow CARS or equivalent wherever it flies so they can't just troop around at 350 knots a 500 feet if they feel like it in controlled airspace and in peacetime, war will be another matter and I know the Marines plan of operating it at 100-150 feet agl at high cruise of 350 kias.


As for in the hover, very cool, like Rotorhead says it's just like a tandem. You should see how much free play or wobble the propeller rotor thingys have when stopped. That free play I figure is for her to fly as a helo and we saw them do numerous pedal turns at Shearwater and plenty of sideward flights. On one weekend I even spotted them doing repeated autorotation like descents with nacelles at about 20 degrees forward of vertical. Very cool, got some stills which I may yet get printed and scan.


It's a few years down the road but I believe this is the helicopter finally invented all the way. Would not surprise me to see greater development in next 10-20 years a public grows to demand it more. The 609 will break a lot of that ground and just wait till one company uses a tiltrotor for offshore and one customer sees how many return trips it can do in a day....bean counters will be all over that. Not to mention comfort, you want a 40 minute ride out through all the low level weather or a 15 minute ride out at 300 kts above a lot of the weather. (Caveat that one still has to come down through any wx and land of course...)

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You don't need to do hover checks, its all automatic in those birds, the checks are all done by the computer when you fire up, and those military GPS's and radars will allow you to taxi with the windows painted black, and you won't get blinded if someone fires off a nuke! Great idea all around, although I'd rather see them painted white, more realistic for flying on the East Coast!


Nice looking bird RH, looks like more fun than sex with twins!


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Dr Evil, have you gone completely mad ?? Do we need to send Austin Powers after you again ???


How can this aircraft possibly be more fun than sex with twins ??

May I remind you that the engines rotate from vertical to horizontal, the propellors fold, and the wings swing around over the fuselage. THAT IS SCARY !!


The twins pictured can also do all of those maneuvres......NOW THAT IS FUN !!

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