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Pay Cuts

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I took a pay cut and while I really didnt have a choice I do accept it, I have now been laid off for a few weeks and must say that during these times I need to remember that having a job is better than sitting at home on ei. Companies are undercutting and the gov is cutting back. We have had a couple of horrible summers, so I am not overly surprised to see my cheque getting smaller.

Should the autoworkers take a pay cut....absolutely.


thats just my opinion

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One thing you guys need to remember is that some fixed expenses are going up and not going away- regardless if you fly 50 hours or 500 hours per summer- ie-insurance is up for 2009 because of all the heli accidents in 2008- "the worst accident year in history for heli's in canada" quoted from our insurance broker.

The insurance rate is the same if you fly 1 hour or 1000 hours per year. With the annual hours down, this has to be taken into account when you divide up the pot.


Also whoever purchased machines in the last 3-4 years also paid top dollar, the banks still want their payments and don't care if you fly or not, or if you got ripped on your purchase when the industry was booming.


I don't need to say anything about parts as we all know their was a large increase jan 19? with Bell, don't know about the Eurocopter but don't think they are having heli part sales these days.


I can guarantee you that most operators aren't rubbing their hands together because of rumors of dropping pilot wages and turning this into extra profits. Most decent companies will pay fair wages for good work. If they don't, maybe it is time to go elsewhere.


As for dropping the rates to scoop all the jobs, this has been going on for years and it never pays off- ie: NMH, rates were always way less than ours, and many others, look what happened to them. V.I.H. has always had decent rates and look at them. I wonder who won.


There, I finished my story, time for a cool one. Its past grounding time.


Helidoug, I like your attitude- I would hire a guy like you.







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