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Pay Cuts

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Guest Angry Egg Driver
So in an economy where things are slowing down, they are going to pay YOU a big contract fee instead of a lower price (in your words) full time guy???


What planet are you from?? Why would an operator commit to a high price contract scum, (unless you are willing to work day by day, short term), if things are going to be slow???


And if you work day by day, (short term), where are the big maximized earnings???


How is your own personal helicopter company doing? Making lots of money yet? Quite a business plan you got going there.



Okay Skids Up i normally respect what you say on these boards but calling contract pilots "Scum" is crossing the line.Just because it doesnt work for you dont call the ones it does work for high priced scum.

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Wow!!! Seven pages of posts, name calling etc. all based on conjecture and heresay. Makes you wonder what we would be talking about if any of this was confirmed to be true. "I heard throgh the grapevine" doesn't make it true. "A guy I know" doesn't make it true. Wake me up when you get some facts. :down:

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Guest SidewallPuncture

ah, but it makes for in interesting read


imagine if the only posts for the day were about "what I like most"

Personally, I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a Bic pen, blue, fine point, than read that boredom

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Absolutely.....the scum thing is both a put down and unprofessional at best. Short term hires, turnkey,PBH, call it what you want it fills a gap for both the workforce and the employers. Most employers want continuity and a known quantity that is being put front and centre in front of the customer and that means full time. But there is a threshold where they also need a skill set for a short term contract which does not equate to a f/t position nor is it an opportunity to bring up a low timer. So there is a fit and Happy, you do have it wrong. Employers are not out seeking the first chance to layoff workforce...in fact laying people off is one of the toughest situations an employer faces.

I do have to say that if all contractors had the attitude portrayed by Happy then I guess the "S" word would apply.

Back on topic we really do have to recognize that this current situation economically is way bigger than all of us. And that completely includes the companies.....we have always be a reactionary industry and in these downturns we typically get pounded a year or two after the initial shock when committed funds, budgets and contracts come up for renewal. We had our cushion time last year and now its a whole new game. If a pay cut keeps the company going or even one of your friend/co-workers employed isn't it worth it?

The "its all about me" guys have had a good run the past few years and good on them. But when the tide turns as it has, an employer will vividly remember who the individuals were that held them at ransom. Wouldn't you?

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I do apologize for the 'contract scum' thing. It was a bit over the line. Guess I let the heat of the moment get me in trouble.


I know good contract people and bad ones. As well I know bad full time people and good full time people.


It wasn't meant to paint all contract people - just a poor choice of words.


My apologies to all I offended.


But I just have no idea where HF gets the idea that in these times, that 'one' can demand big contract rates over someone who might be willing to go for the long haul.


Just different points of view I guess. But you probably don't want to come here demanding high contract rates. It'll be just a waste of gas and time....


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