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Mountain Courses


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Hi there Chook, welcome.

The answer is all relative to how much money you have to spend.


If it's lots, then you would want to try a place like Canadian Heli in Penticton, they train on a 206, and are considered experts at mountain training.



For cheaper, try **** Wood at Valley Helicopters in Merritt. He has a superb reputation and trains with a Bell 47, which makes the flying tougher, but that's what the course is all about.



There are several other good schools, the key is to look for an instructor with lots of real operational, mountain, and instruction time.......and of course, some mountains near to the school. Check that the course will satisfy the BC Forest Service standards.


Good Luck, a search on Google will help.


P.S. Please stop SHOUTING at us.

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the ones cyclic monkey has mentioned are all good schools........


i will throw our hat into the ring.........


we at BC Helicopters ( www.bchelicopters.com ) have an mountain course RECOGNIZED by BC and Alberta forestry...........


check the website and you can see the hours that the instructors have.......


find the school that's right for YOU and good luck............

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The mountain course offered by Canadian Helicopters in Penticton is second to none! I will say this even though I dislike the company as a whole. The instructors there will teach you to do many amazing things with your helicopter, and keep you alive in the mountain environment!

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Hey chook...


Also check out Chinook Helicopters: http://www.chinookhelicopters.com


They don't have the info on the website yet, but they just revamped their mountain course. They are worth giving a call. 604 855 1100


Chinook is just around the corner from BC Helicopters, so if you are checking out them, you might as well go down the street and pop into Chinook.


Like Valley Helicopters, they use the Bell 47G2 as a piston trainer. The old 47's will teach you a new respect for altitude and I guarantee it will teach you how to fly.


If you have a big bag of money, they also have a 206 to fly around in. One of the instructors, Craig Joiner has mega time in the mountains with 206's and you could learn a lot from him.


Do your homework before you commit the moola. Good luck.


Fly safe,


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"they use the Bell 47G2 as a piston trainer. The old 47's will teach you a new respect for altitude"


No kidding, we slung one of Chinook's 47's off a mountainside last summer. They ran out of power and crashed at around 2500'!!


Only problem is, the mountains around Canada are a little higher!


Also, if you are spending the money for a Mountain Course, be sure that the Forestry Agencies recognize the course or it may be for not!


It's your money and like the man said..."you get what you pay for"

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Try Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd. 250 6563987.They run an excellant course out of Blue River. B.C.

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