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Inlet Barrier Filters, Any Experience Good Or Bad?

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Has anyone out there had any experience with Inlet Barrier filters ( FDC aerofilters for example) whether good or bad?

We are looking at an application for Bell 206L1 C28 engine, which at this time we are unsure if it is even possible to install on the L1.

Any thoughts?


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Flew an A-star with a barrier filter in very dusty conditions in Sask. a few years ago. Learned to avoid the worst dust when the filter got clogged after the first week. Can only imagine the compressor damage we avoided! Also had some grief with an alt air door servo motor. Checking them's now a regular part of my DI.





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They work great, our 407, the year before we installed it went from a +20 eng to a barely passing engine in one season in the arctic. After installing the filter, there is minimal decrease in performance over 2 years in the same place. It is also installed in our 206L1 with the C30 eng. The only thing I would suggest is to buy a spare filter, so when the first gets dirty you can clean the other over a couple of days and do a real good job.

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We run them in most of our A-Stars.

Very highly recommend it.


As stated earlier, buy a spare filter for each installation.

That way, you can do the cleaning and servicing at your convenience and don't lose any down-time.

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