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What Do You Think Of Flight Simulator


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I will be taking flight trainning in the middle of this year. In the meantime i would like to start getting some "knowledge" .. What do you think of virtual at home flight simulation like FLIGHT SIMULATOR X and the appropiate controls?


Happy flying!


For basic flying, I would probably leave them all well alone, or at least don't take them too seriously (they are after all computer games) unless you are using a specialist sim like the Flyit.


However, for procedural work, such as IFR, they can be very valuable aids, even on your desktop PC. Microsoft Flight Sim is rather "fluffy" compared to X-plane, but even X-Plane is not so accurate is some situations.





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Yeah I always found MS Flight Simulator to be good for IFR...


One thing to note: One of my flight school buddies was a big FS2004 gamer before he started training, and he was the first to solo. Not sure if there is a connection.


I was a huge flight sim dork before I started flying......and I was not the first to solo. Let's just leave it at that :blink:


But I must have gotten better cause they keep giving bigger things to fly.....or maybe I still suck and they keep giving be machines with more gadgets to fly itself.....hhmmmmmmm :unsure:<_<




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I was and still am a HUGE simulator fan, and I WAS the first to solo and the first to become certified - 20.7 hours and 41.3 hours respectively. Although the simulator was not a huge aid in me learning exactly how to manipulate controls, it was a huge help in almost everything else. Quickly interpreting gauges, understanding how to read runway numbers and taxiway markings, ATC phraseology, navigating by VOR, GPS, and dead reckoning, and the list goes on and on. Some may disagree, but it's be proven that a good simulator like Microsoft FX9 or 2004 or X-plane can be a REAL help in your training.

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I'm a huge flight simulator geek and when it came for my first real lesson, the instructor was amazed by my ability to have a very solid hover on my first try. He had me doing Take offs and approaches to hover to landing. I think my 300+ hours on FSX R22 with my little set up was a great pay off. But I don't know about others.

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