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Jet Ranger Placards


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Hi all,


Well in order to keep me busy during these slow winter days, I've been tasked with inspecting our machines for proper placards, 1st aid kits, survival gear, etc...


The problem is, no one seems to have any info regarding what placards are actually REQUIRED in the machines. Yes, the flight manual mentions some, and the supplements add more, but I'm fairly certain there are others being over looked. We do have some aircraft specific lists, but it has become clear to me that whoever compiled them merely went through each machine and wrote down what they saw...


Is it possible that anyone out there has a concise list of the placards required in Jet Rangers? I'm fully aware that the bulk of the placards are specific to the installed equipment (Casey heaters, Concorde batteries, etc). But as far as VNE's, Exit markings, Grounding points, ELT locations, etc are concerned, I'm at a bit of a loss...


Any help would be much appreciated :)



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Chapter 11 of the 206 IPB will give you a good place to start, this will show you the location of the Bell required decals. You may still have to do some additional research for applicable TB's, ASB's and kits that have decals associated with them.... but at least it's a start.

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go to this link




and search for the bell 206 type certificate. It is a long document with lots of good stuf but there is a section that gives the required placards(page 25).


Placards: The following placard must be displayed in front of and in clear view of the



FLIGHT MANUAL." All placards listed in the approved Flight Manual must

be installed in the specified locations.


That is all that is required, plus any required for STCs or modifications!


Have fun with the stickers!


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One placard I always found interesting was the range extender one. The placard that came with the aeronautical accesories range extender says minimum cockpit weight must be 200 lbs when using range extender fuel capacity. The stc in the manual though says minimum cockpit weight is 200 lbs with ranger extender installed. I've heard people say you need 200 lbs in the cockpit, even if you arent using more than 75 gals because of the wording in the flight manual. Thats contrary to common sense and the placard in the cockpit though so I dont know.

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The 'Limitations' section of the flight manual and the 'Supplements' section of the flight manual is all I use to check for placards.


That's what guys here were saying, but that doesn't account for a lot of the placards in/on the machine. The tail rotor warning in the backseat on the broom closet, the Danger arrows on the tail boom, etc...


But the IPB was quite helpfull, and I'll check that link thanks!

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