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Sling's Got A Job


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Congrats Sling!!!


Flip-Flops for the showers


Single sized bed sheet, good sleeping bag and pillow

Good knife, flashlight, and leatherman

Warm boots and longjohns

Books and movies

Extra work gloves

And a camera so you can keep us updated with some photos from the field! :up:


The most important I would say though, is staying positive with a good attitude! Some times being in a drill camp for long periods of time with cranky and negative drillers will really wear you down, they all don't enjoy what they do for a living. Their isn't always a way to keep in good contact with who you care about most back home. Don't let it get to you and keep positive, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel!


Take care and be safe!



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Sling...Good Job so far! Now you need to have the same reply from your CLIENT AFTER the job and you'll be alright.


As for the needs and whatnot being in camp don't forget the basics as so wisely stated by the above postings but keep the following in mind: WHERE DO I PLUG IN!


1) Communication- Do I have it and how do I get it if I don't, and for the love of God...how does it work?! Do my clients have the same info and contact #'s?....not only important for an emergency but also has a tendency to resolve supply problems like water filters, food, invoices (namely YOURS lol) or any other issues that are important for the drillers/planters/surveyers etc, etc, etc, who's needs always seem to come about as being more important than yours...namely....CAN I GET MY PARTS AND OR SUPPORT NOW!!!!!!!...refer to engineer if you have one....buy beer afterwards.


2)Now that you have established the above it would seem that you are on a 30 day tour; I know nothing of the details but if it were any sort of tent camp whatsoever; at this time of year, working in the Boreal...30 pair of undies and socks EACH...3 pairs of longjohns (1 for PJ's). The reason I say this is that when your machine parks and YOU are DI'ing it, all your clients seem to use the washer machine (IF one is available!)...if not then there is no need for the ever infamous "rotation" to the exception of your longjohns. I don't like gummies myself but an extra pair of something to compensate for your wet feet is pretty nice.



3) A 24 pack of AA's for your flashlight, but if you serve your client well it shouldn't be an issue


4) A clean sheet to put over whatever they give you that passes as a mattress and a spare. If no mattress...bring one...don't forget a good pillow, at least in my opinion. I would put Sandles in there as well for the shower.


5) BOOKS/Mags/Study Material....makes up for alot of surprises when the Gen-Set goes down and you need something to do when the wx's bad ( your 'puter don't work and all those DVD's you packed are worth shite!....and since you have that 24 pack of AA's you are golden!


If you are in a well set up Trailer camp forget about all I said....EXCEPT, along with #1 and #2 ALWAYS cary a spare Toothbrush and paste in or near your machine just in case you happen to brush in the shower and leave one behind.



Do yourself a favour and ask these questions of your employer...If he can't answer them then get yourself prepared and you will look that much better when you come out all shiny.


Good Luck and FLY SAFE sling!


Hope not to hear from you on this site during that time...that would be a good thing for you if you get my meaning! Have fun.


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Congrats on the first seat!


In the years to come if you are lookingg for advice on how do deal with the trails and tribulations that come along with this career. I can tell you that I have already been dealt the cards.


Any questions on the bull shiiit just ask. It aint as easy as it looks. Many slimly ******** out there that could slide under a door easily.



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I will add a few non essential things that make camp life much more enjoyable (for me at least)


good coffee, whatever your favorite is. Grind it to your liking and I also have a travel french press(bodum) I bring


Thermarest, not for sleeping, for exercise helps you not feel like garbage after 4 weeks of rich camp food (mmmm cookies)


Favorite food condiment or whatever, camps don't always have all the things you like to add to your food at home and sometimes the cook will not order anything for you either. maybe Tabasco maybe curry maybe your favorite BBQ sauce. I bring Nutella.


I know they all sound like silly trivial things and I bet I will get slagged on this forum for mentioning some out of the norm stuff to bring. But little things do count and can make that last 3 days of a 6 week tour go by that much faster



and good luck



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Sling I don't know you at all but sincere congratulations. Your post takes me back...ummm...ok 29 years now to my first job and yes, of course it was a tent camp. And a very wet one!!!

We all make mistakes, we all have to start somewhere so don't try to come off as the pro...they will understand and be more helpful. All the previous posts have good info, all I would add is to take your smile. If you get along with people in a camp setting you will do just fine and will learn a ton! Be yourself as your enthusiasm will take you a lot further than your experience level and every day will be an adventure. I too look forward to your reports!!!!

Have fun.

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