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Sling's Got A Job


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Only thing I can add is....the drillagram rule...if you don't understand ask someone that has worked for drillers :rolleyes:


Okay then , whats the Drillagram guy's ? is this anything sexual :lol:

anyways once again, I'd like to thank you all for your very needed advise and the good support your giving me , this is way encouraging......

I'll make shure to take as much pictures as i can to feed you all , and i hope internet's gonna be there to, but any how you'll here from me.


Elvis, the first job you had (tent camp) , was that around Gander? and is your fisrt name begin with "G"? and the last by a "D"? just curious!


Splitpin, that was hilarious but I'm shire i wont need that, i got a good right and... :Lil: and if Bambi ever shows up, will take arrangement... :Lil:

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Take .44 magnum with 300 grain hollow points for bears (or Bull Cook)

Have fun up there- don't worry, it all gets better.





you'd want hardcasts with a wide meplat, hollowpoints lack penetration in such an anemic stopping cartridge. .45-70 much better :)


Hot sauce

tech/flight manuals

clean pillow/sleeping bag

a couple bottles of scotch helps when you need to bribe someone for something...

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condoms....you know you need them sling....or your new bunk mate Bubba is at least going to need them. :shock:


anyways , you really seems to know what your talking about when naming Bubba, i just wanna tell ya that i really feel sorry for your so soaring bobo's. :lol:

So you whent there hen? :shock:

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Ok heres my advise for what it's worth. Remember you paid nothing for it and it's worth every penny you paidd.


1. Sooner or later a driller will hook you up to a load that will be way too much weight. He is saving work by not breaking down the drill as much as he should and if he gets you to take it he's won. If the tq guage goes to 100 in the hover it's too heavy. release the load preferably in the mud. it keeps them honest.


2. Sooner or later a drill will reach it's depth 1 hour after sundown and some fool will try to pressure you into going to get the drillers in the dark. Don't do it. You can go with the lead hand to get them with snowmobiles if you want but don't let yourself get pressured into doing something stupid with the helo.


3. There are three areas of pressure that will push you into going. 1 is the customer. 2. is your company. and 3 is your own ego. Be aware of the pressure points.


bon chance bloke...........



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