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There has to be somthing wrong with this survey :P


It's from a pilot magazine. The survey was probably based on things like cup holders, butt warmers, and profusion of buttons that don't really do anything. Likely filled out mostly by multi-engine IFR wannabee's with 300 hrs PIC. :lol:



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Is there a lower position that fifth? With their attitude to their "customers", it is a wonder they are still in business.


If there is a lower place, that's where they will be headed.


This is interesting,

We have been in the heli business for 35 years and haven't even had a phone call from Eurocopter, sales or otherwise. I don't believe they care about new business, what if we needed a part??

(they did send us a calendar)



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there wasn't one ounce of a$$kissing there Ray. How have you been anyway?

It's more a shot at the imbecils out there who have no clue and just follow the flock of sheep that have a TT strap so for up their a$$ they know nothing more than then what goes on in their little Bell world. I think the majority that spew this crap, don't deal with Eurocopter directly, they just live vicarously thru someones elses issues just so they can feel like they belong.


Ask any number of companies and individuals who talk to me directly and I can tell you I have a good attitude towards my customers and I treat them very well and professional solving their issues.

Maybe I take it personal who knows. :blink:




All Eurocopter comments are in jest- Being the only LongRanger guy surrounded with 10 Astars in the area, I have developed this attitude- good or bad, it just happened. They are all fine machines, I have worked beside all kinds, each with their quirks-(including Bell)


I like Dodge better than Ford trucks too.- same difference, same arguments.

Don't take it personal,


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