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Fatique Risk Management


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Having thought about this subject way too much, I have come to the belief that there are certain things that will always be irritants to people working night-shift


my observations are as follows:


Management calling during the day, as mentioned by Lupin.


Fetching parts or other supplies as required because 99% of people work normal hours, hence the access to said items are during regular hours


For us Helicopter engineers, no matter how late we work, we have to be there for the morning run-up, leak-check, or general pre-flight once over.


My personal pet peeve, motel/hotel chambermaids than do no understand the meaning of "DO NOT DISTURB"



All the rules TC can implement will never fix items as listed above, but an Ops Mgr. with some sense of reality can go a long way to making things better. Unfortunately, how many can relate to this scenario:


"back in '72 we used to work 36 hours a day, 390 days a year and we made lots of money....what's wrong with you???"


sound familiar??

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