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Hydraulic Water Pump

mini chopper

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Check with just about any Ag dealer in the Alberta or Sask. Look for one that handles crop sprayers, like Flexi Coil, Morris or Deer. The all run a hydraulic over water pump. If you need some more info drop me a pm, I may even be able to order one for you.


Just don't ask Helifarmer about Diesel engines-- He knows dick-all about them!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

How are you doing HF?? Drop me a PM sometime.

My Best


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Try Kawak Aviation technologies, they have a pump that works great with that setup. The last company I was with used them with the Conair 85 tank like the one in your pic.


Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc.

373 S.E. Bridgeford Blvd.

Bend, Oregon U.S.A. 97702

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