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Finally One The Average "joe" Can Afford

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Hi All,


A friend just visited the Mosquito helicopter factory while flying his 22 in Florida. He doesn't mind if I share this with the forum.


hey Eric,

Just wanted to get back to you and tell you about Robert mason and the Mosquito factory. My time builder took a bunch of pictures throughout his stay and he forwarded over 80 of them to me. I need someone to instruct me on how to pick out specific attachments and forward them. Then I can send you the few pictures. They had about 6 of them in various stages of production. Here's a few points of interest. They are building drone models that are fully operational by remote control. The military is buying them for missile training. What a contract, build choppers so the military can shoot em down. I bet each missile costs more than the Mosquito. They are building about 1 a week. They are exploring a 2 seater. If you buy one with floats, it's classified as ultralight and then you don't need a license or a medical. The fully assembled turbine model, with radio and full glass panel is only about 50K. They said the glass panel only adds $4,500. Most on board GPS will cost about that. Robert Mason was cool and friendly. They have a helicopter fly-in there each December.

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Guest SidewallPuncture

So are they built like the cars for movies?

You know, The big three supply Hollywood with a large quantity of cars that do not meet regulated safety standards and are never meant for the road, so they can trash them, smash them and just toss them in the recycling bin when they're done.


Imagine that, A mosquito used for target practice....must be similiar reasoning I guess :rolleyes:

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