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Helicopter Pilot/operators


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Good idea! Best to contact AES directly. I am certain that they can point you in the right direction. Alternately the underwater egress /escape course is a real eye opener if you are going to be bucketing in the near future, good for 3 years in Canada and not hugely expensive. Call Pro Aviation in Abbotsford. 3-4 hundred $. And could save your bacon!


Best of luck!



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Guest plumber
With things being slow in the helicopter industry I was thinking about taking some courses to be ready for the 2010 season and was wondering if anyone had any information or comments about the Helicopter Pilot / Operators positions at Airborne Energy Solutions thanks in advance and have a great day :)


Go too the SAIT websight, look up Gas plant operator, get at least level 4 done, get some operating experience to see if you like it. The books might as well be in Latin if you have no operating experience.


The thing that I've found if you are just in it to get hours and not learn the operating end you will not last very long. Operating pays well ( better than a Journeyman Plumber in B.C ) and the schedule is the best in the industry.


If you don't have 1500hrs alot of oil companies won't let you fly for them and I can see It getting stickier with the down turn in the economy.


If you do want to go the pilot operating route work for a company that has people with operating experience, some companies have no clue whats involved with operating and just want a fast buck off the dumb oil companies. If you are lucky enough to work for a good company you will have alot of fun and learn a good trade.


Good luck and hope this helps. Feel free to P.M me if you have anymore questions.


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Thanks for the speedy reply, information has been helpful in researching this possible career path.


I am looking mostly to build hours and/or finance further flight training. It also looks like it might be a good career to fall back on and probably pays better than AME apprentice which is hard job to find/keep when DOM finds out you have a Pilots licence.





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