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Layoffs: Domestic Vs. Foreign Pilots

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600 lbs is a lighweight


Thoroughbred Horse

A thoroughbred is a breed of horse. Most commonly bred for horse racing, they are also bred for use in other equine sporting events such as show jumping, dressage, and polo.


Fast Facts

Developed: 17th Century in England

Thoroughbreds first registered in 1791 in England

Average Height: 64"

Average Weight: 1,000 lbs.

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Talk about beating a dead horse here is a question that I have being that we have found a Hepac Executive back.What is HEPAC's official position on foreign workers receaving permits when there are Canadian workers out of work?Oh yeh this is not JR asking this is a member of Hepac asking.

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Grapple is kinda messy :o



Bloody Hellll '56, word on the street was you were pretty smooth with that POS ! :lol: Me being an "old hand" and all :rolleyes: You really want to beat the beotch to death? double length Gypsy...right around the neck. Hookers rule!




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