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Layoffs: Domestic Vs. Foreign Pilots


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I understand the frustration to watch foreigners take the jobs.

but.....does anybody really think that there are companies out there that would prefer to put up with the paperwork to hire a foreigner over a canadian pilot with the same skills, hours and attitude? why would they do that?


Isn't the majority in Canada a descendant of some foreigner? Wouldn't you go to hawaii if you had the opportunity to fly there? wouldn't we all take a job in Belize to fly around over beaches and oceans? would you not go to the north sea to make tons of money if it was easier to get the JAA license?


with the current economy, do you think a company would hire a canadian if a foreigner looses his workpermit? I dont think so.


as I said... I understand the frustration, but be careful who you blame for not having a golden Job-offer right now. Last spring there was a high demand for pilots this year there isn't.


On a side note to everybody who is looking for Jobs this year: BE CAREFUL with a company in The Pas /Manitoba that advertises every year for firefighting. they will be looking for pilots again this year, and they will screw you bigtime! stay away!

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Guest plumber
well, that is one way for a low timer to apply for a job ;)


Oh no, haven't you heard Slings a high time guy with A Ba and a B2. He just been posting like a low timer cause owners of helicopter companies have nothing but time on their hands to ask about how to get started in the industry.


He had everyone fooled B)


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